We are forever grateful for our wonderful barrestars and the amazing energy that they contribute to our studio atmosphere. Let’s keep that rolling and go over some basic studio etiquette:

icon-nophone    Cell phones are not permitted in class. Please keep them in your locker or car.
icon-talking    Please refrain from chatting or talking over your instructor. But questions are absolutely welcomed.
icon-ontime    Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class, participants will not be allowed in class if they are more than 5 minutes late. Plus, the warm up component of our class is really important!
icon-leaving    If you need to leave class early, please speak to your instructor prior to the start of class. Leave all of your equipment ‘as-is’ in the studio to avoid disrupting the class.
icon-pay    Please allow the front desk person to complete your transactions before leaving the lobby. She will indicate to you that your receipt has been emailed to you then you are good to go!
News_LoanerSocks_copy   Grip socks are required in our studios as safety is our main concern. They give you a little extra stability on the floor when taking class. If it's your first class or you forgot yours, don't worry! We have loaner socks available, they cost $1 to borrow and proceeds go toward our monthly Local Charity.