Happy September BBS Tribe!

We have some really exciting things going on at the studio this month! We recently launched BBS Pulse, a performance tracking software, and a Book Your Spot at the Barre website feature. I am super pumped about both additions and I want to tell you why.

Each and every day I strive to be a better version of myself. No looking back because we aren’t going there anyway. To be the best version of ourselves we need to view life as full progression forward. BBS Pulse was introduced as a blend of technology and science to move us forward and take us somewhere that we have never been before. My goal with BBS Pulse is that it will help push us to become better, fuller versions of our true selves by allowing us to set and track attainable goals while becoming more aware and educated about our bodies. By using BBS Pulse I connect with you, you connect with me and together we support and empower each other! Magic!

BBS Pulse is available as a free, loanable option so that you can track, tweak and challenge yourself. It will strengthen your mind-body connection and allows you to take control of your fitness. Ask for a heart rate monitor the next time you are at the studio and BBS Pulse with us. I promise it will empower you.

Book Your Spot at the Barre also launched this past month and was designed to save you time, save you space (we decreased class sizes and increased studio space), and set you up for a successful class. I know, for some of you, it has felt like the opposite and I apologize for the extra work it has caused. At this time, the Mindbody Connect App is not speaking clearly to our website software. If you have been using the Mindbody Connect App, you are not able to save your spot at the barre at the same time as booking your class. Moving forward please use one of these two easy options:
  • If you want a specific spot at the barre, please use a computer or tablet to book your class and spot number via our website.
  • If you are not concerned about your spot in class, continue to book with ease through the Mindbody Connect App. You can pick your spot at the barre when you arrive for class.
Thank you for taking time to connect with me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your amazing feedback so far. Your questions, comments, suggestions and gratitude is what drives me forward.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually we will become stronger than yesterday.

Marlo Brausse
Owner & Instructor



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