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Happy Tucking!

Tuck for Turkey - Blog_copy1

Hey Tuckers!

It's Challenge time again and we're bringing Tuck for Turkey back, and it's better than ever. The challenge is simple:

Take 21 classes in 28 days!

That's it! Register for the Challenge on November 9 at 9am and then take 21 classes between November 23 to December 20. Complete the Challenge and be entered into the draw for one of many sweet, sweet prizes.

Speaking of sweet prizes...here is a sneak peek of what we have up for grabs:

1. One month FREE at BBS
2. BBS Pulse Chest Strap
3. FIVE Buddy Passes

And that's just a sneak peek! Want to barre your way to extra entries into the prize draw? Who wouldn't?! ;) Use BBS Pulse in class to earn points. Earn enough points during the Challenge, get extra entries into the draw. Easy, right? Fun, right? Ya, we think so too! Can we sign up? Here is a breakdown of how the points are earned using BBS Pulse:

Earn 10,000+ reward points during Tuck for Turkey and redeem in-studio for your extra entries into the prize draw. Points must be redeemed in-person at the studio. Participants must be signed up for the Challenge for points to count towards the prize draw.

How you earn points:

By staying in the optimal heart rate zones for the majority of class. BBS Pulse is all about tracking where your heart rate is during class. Ideally, you are spending the majority of class in zones 3 and 4, which are the aerobic and anaerobic zones. To learn more about the heart rate zones, read this.

For every minute of class, we will award you with points! The number of points is up to you, based on which heart rate zone you're in. Check it out:

Zone 1 (green) = 1 point/minute
Zone 2 (light grey) = 5 points/minute
Zone 3 (teal) = 15 points/minute
Zone 4 (dark grey) = 15 points/minute
Zone 5 (pink) = 10 points/minute

To give you an idea, imagine you're in a Press class and you spend 5 minutes in zone 1, 12 minutes in zone 2, 15 minutes in zone 3, 12 minutes in zone 4 and 6 minutes in zone 5. We won't bore you with the math, but you just Pulsed your way to 530 points, in only one class!

What the points mean: 

10,000 points = 1 extra entry
12,000 points = 2 extra entries
14,000 points = 3 extra entries
16,000+ points = 4 extra entries

Okay, last but not least, here are the nitty gritty details:

·      Challenge Registration opens at 9AM on Wednesday, November 9 on our Events Page
·      Challenge runs from November 23 to December 20
·      Take 21 classes in 28 days
·      There is no cost to participate but space is limited, sign up fast!
·      Register for the studio you frequent most often, that's where your name will be on the Challenge board
·      Classes count at both studios, so mark it off next time you're at your "home" studio

If you have any questions about the Tuck for Turkey Challenge, email us at calgary@barrebodystudio.com or drop us a line on any of our social channels.


BBS Team

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Sweat Society at BBS

Blog - Sweat Society

We are so excited to announce that Calgary-based Sweat Society will be stocking our boutiques with drool-worthy activewear. Sweat Society was founded by Stephanie Nichols, who is committed to only bringing in technical activewear for both women & men that is ethically sourced, and produced.

We caught up with Stephanie and learned more about her passion and why she started Sweat Society in the first place.

BBS: What made you want to start Sweat Society?
S: I have always been an active person. I practice yoga, I teach yoga, I spin, I Lagree, I do crossfit... I used to buy all my activewear online. I was attracted to the patterns and colours that were available from all these different brands I would find through social media. But as I am sure everyone can attest, online ordering eventually got to frustrating. A couple orders didn't fit properly or just weren't what I expected quality wise, and the online ordering came to a halt (which was probably good news for my wallet).

Photo - Sweat Society 1

BBS: So did you quit your job and dive in right away?
S: No! I currently work in Oil & Gas and as things started to slow down in the industry, the concept of Sweat Society started to build in my head. As this was a passion project, I wanted to make sure I was bringing something I was passionate about into it. I started to research brands, and where their products were produced.Thus the premise of Sweat Society was born - ethical activewear.

BBS: Where is the activewear you carry made?
S: Currently Sweat Society carries brands that are made in Australia, the USA, and of course Canada.

BBS: What is something you didn't expect from starting Sweat Society?
S: I am also a huge advocate of self-love, and believing in your self-worth. It is so easy these days to let the media decide what we are supposed to look like or how we should dress. Through Sweat Society I have been able to start spreading that message. With so many different colours, patterns, fits, and styles, it has really been a way for people to express themselves, and show their true colours. I love seeing the way people's faces light up when they find their perfect leggings.

BBS: What are 3 fun facts about you Stephanie?
S: I have two wiener dogs named Moose + Reggie. I teach yoga - currently teaching at HotShop and I'm a pretty big biology nerd... tidepooling is my favourite thing to do when I'm on the coast (I'm a marine biologist by trade).

Make sure you check out all the Sweat Society goodies, available at both studio!

BBS Team

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What do you love about Fall?

Blog - BBS Favs Fall Edition

Fall is officially here! Mother Nature even tried to skip ahead on us with that early white stuff. Whoa. At least give us until Halloween. Fall seems to be a lot of people's favourite season. The pretty colours, mild temps (well, some of the time) and cozy layers are just a few of our fav things about this season. We chatted with some of your rockstar barre tenders, and here is what we love most about Fall!

  • Changing of the seasons and cozy sweaters. –Marlo
  • Pulling out the warmer clothes, jackets and boots. I have something called foot duvets from Restoration Hardware that are as amazing as they sound. Also fires in the fireplace. –Emma
  • The colours! Fall is always so picturesque and beautiful. –Kenna
  • The colours of the leaves, the start of a "new year" with the dance season, and pulling out all of the sweaters and scarves! –Lauren
  • I love the changing leaves and how beautiful the snow is. - Amanda
  • Crisp mornings but warm afternoons...the crunch of leaves under foot, chunky sweaters & campfires. -Tara
  • The leaves changing. It's THE most beautiful thing ever. –Adriana
  • The gorgeous colours and fresh crispness of the air. -Reanna

What is YOUR favourite thing about this colourful and cozy season?


BBS Team

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Barre Bridge

Blog - Technique Tips

BBS Barre Tender, Jaimie, is here to show you how to get into one of the most popular glute exercises on the floor, the barre bridge. 

There are many different variations or modifications to a barre bridge. Extra add-ons, such as, adding a ball or a band or alternate feet positions, like second or relevé make this exercise even more challenging and help to target additional muscle groups, such as, inner and outer thighs and hamstrings.

Which move would you love to see featured in a Technique Tips vlog? Send us a DM on social or email us to let us know!

BBS Team

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BBS Pulse: What do the zones mean?

Blog - BBS Pulse

You've heard about it in class and you've seen the TV screens in the studios, but how can BBS Pulse work for you? You've come to the right place! For an overview of what BBS Pulse is, read more about it here.

So what do the heart rate zones and colours mean? Let's break it down:

GREEN // Cool Down
This zone will be characterized by your lowest heart rate, likely your resting heart rate. You will typically be in this zone at the very start of warm up and during cool down. However, if you naturally have a lower resting heart rate, you may work in this zone for longer than others. In the GREEN zone, it will be easy to breathe and you shouldn't feel a strain in your muscles. 

This is the zone you will be in as your heart rate starts to increase. It's important to remember that everyone is different, but typically you will see yourself in this zone during the majority of your warm up. You may also work in this zone throughout the class, during the lower impact exercises. In the LIGHT GREY zone, it will still be comfortable and easy to breathe, making it ideal for longer durations of exercise.

TEAL // Fat Burn
This is the anaerobic zone, meaning this is the zone that will have you burning fat in no time. Your breathing will get heavier and you'll be feeling a light strain in your muscles. In addition to burning calories, you will be strengthening and toning your muscles in this zone. The TEAL zone is one of two zones that you want to spend the majority of class in.

DARK GREY // Calorie Burn
In this aerobic zone, breathing is heavy and your muscles will feel fatigued. For those of you with lower resting heart rates, you may never get to the PINK zone, so this is the zone you want to strive for during cardio bursts. The DARK GREY zone is the other zone that you want to spend the majority of class in.

PINK // Full Effort
In this zone, your heart rate is at its maximum. Your breathing will be heaviest and your muscles exhausted. Usually, you will be in the PINK zone during cardio bursts only, but you may find yourself in this zone throughout class during particularly challenging exercises.

A commonly asked question we get is "what if my goal isn't to lose weight?" and this is a great question. We understand that there are many fitness goals, in addition to burning calories. Maybe burning calories and losing weight isn't one of your goals at all. That's okay! BBS Pulse still has many benefits and can be useful to you and your barre practice.

If you are more interested in strengthening and toning your muscles then you should be paying attention to the amount of time you spend in the fat burning (toning) zones, which are TEAL and DARK GREY. If you only want to work in those zones you can easily gauge your heart rate by looking at the screen and adjusting your output to stay out of the PINK zone.

If you're using BBS Pulse, make sure your weight, age and gender are all accurate in your online profile. This will ensure your heart rate data is as accurate as possible, so the results you see are the results your body is generating.

For a downloadable version of the BBS Pulse Heart Rate Chart, click here.

BBS Team

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That Deep Burn, Explained

Blog - BBS Basics

What is lactic acid and why do we talk about it during barre class? These are great questions. Lactic acid sounds scientific and, we’ll admit it, a little bit scary. We’re here to explain the basics of lactic acid, the what, why and how!

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is a substance that builds up in your muscles during strenuous exercise.

The How & Why

Let’s start simple. As we work out, we start to breathe faster as our bodies send more oxygen to our working muscles. Typically, our bodies generate energy using aerobic methods, meaning with oxygen. However, there are some circumstances where our bodies can’t keep up with this delivery of oxygen … think escaping the zombie apocalypse or that last set of pulses at the barre. In these situations, our working muscles produce energy anaerobically, or without oxygen.

Where does this energy come from when there’s no oxygen? It comes from glucose being broken down in our body into a substance called pyruvate. When oxygen is limited, our bodies temporarily convert pyruvate into lactic acid, breaking down the glucose and allowing energy production to continue.

Our working muscles can continue producing energy anaerobically for one to three minutes while lactic acid starts accumulating in our muscles. This is characterized by that intense burning sensation in our muscles that we all love to hate. In other words, we are working our muscles to the point of exhaustion and lactic acid builds up as a natural defense against muscle overexertion. Once we slow our body down or “flush it out” with a final set of “singles”, oxygen becomes available and lactic acid reverts back to pyruvate, allowing our muscles to recover from the strenuous event.

Why do we take you to that point of muscle exhaustion in barre class? Because that’s where change happens. This is where YOU make magic happen! We reach that burn, the peak of the lactic acid build-up and then keep you there for one to three minutes. That’s one to three minutes of pure magic. Right before your muscles are over exerted we get you moving again so blood flows through the muscles, allowing them to recover.

That’s what is happening when you experience that deep barre burn and why our barre tenders always push you to finish that ONE. LAST. SET. We know it’s hard, we know sometimes it’s easier to stop when we feel that burn, but we want you to stay safe and get rid of that burn the right way. And there’s no better way than one last set. ;)

BBS Team

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The Other Bar

Blog - Favs_SummerDrinks

We're all about that work work work work work at the barre, but you know that we play just as hard once class is through! After a killer barre burn, there's no better way to unwind than sitting in the sun with a summer cocktail! And the best part is that after a couple hundred pulses, you have certainly earned it.

We thought we'd share with you some of our absolute favourite summer drink recipes. Trust us, this barre isn’t the only bar that your tenders know their way around. So next time you’re looking to sit back in the sunshine, give one of these recipes a go!

PS. Everything tastes just a little bit better with an umbrella ;)

"Healthy" Spritzer 
4 oz white wine 
3 oz club soda 
Ice and a squeeze of fresh lime!

Rosé … all day 
No recipe needed ;)

Raspberry Mojito

1-2 oz vodka 
Sparkling water

Frozen raspberries   
Lots of lime 

Short + Sweet
1 oz ice lychee flavoured liquor  
5 oz champagne or white wine 

A dash of sprite or 7-up
Add fruit if you want to feel fancy

1 bottle Corona  
1-2 oz tequila 
Lime slush to taste

Mango Margaritas
1-2 oz tequila 
1 oz cointreau or triple sec 
Splash of mango juice 
2 limes, juiced

Splash of orange juice (optional)
Pinch of chilli powder (optional)
Blend or serve over ice 

1/2 beer  
1/2 ginger beer (or ginger ale, sprite, grapefruit juice)

Have your own favourite summer sips? Don’t hold out, we want the deets! Share your recipes with us on social. 

BBS Team

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You've Got This!

Blog - SummerChallenge

You're almost halfway there! We see you barre babes showing up. Even when it's sunny, even when it's pouring, even when we know sometimes Netflix & Chill sounds like a much better idea. But you show up and you work hard and you make us proud. We've been seeing your posts on Instagram, watching you share pics and quotes that amp you up. We can't tell you enough just how much this delights us. We love being a part of this challenge with you. We love being included in the goals you set for yourself this summer. We love having you as a member of our #tribe.

With just over 3 weeks left in the BBS Summer Challenge, we are here to cheer you on, encourage you on days when you're just not feeling it and motivate you to pulse just that little bit deeper. We know you can. We know you will. We know you've got this.

Don't forget to check out the BBS Bucket List, just in case you need an extra check mark one of these days.

Here's to the final weeks of the Challenge and, more importantly, here's to you #BBSTribe!

BBS Team

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Second Position Reverse Chair

Blog_Technique Tips_copy

Katrina and Hillary are here with us today to run through the second edition of the BBS Vlog: Technique Tips. Watch as they set up a proper reverse chair in wide second position, pointing out a few things to watch for. This is a great exercise for targeting hamstrings, outer thighs and lower glutes. You may see this facing the barre sometimes too, in a traditional chair position. 

What's your favourite "love to hate" barre move? You know the one! The one that gets those shakes going instantly but you just know it's working. Let us know your fave in the comments below or on social...you know where to find us. ;)

Barre Body Studio - Calgary

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Drink Up Babes!


With summer finally making a reappearance here in YYC and the sun shining bright, we have some advice for you … HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE! We're talking all things water and the effects it has on both your everyday life and barre practice. Water = good, common knowledge right? Right … but exactly how much water should you be drinking? When should I be drinking water? How does water affect my workout? These are the type of questions that we will be tackling on the blog today.

So first off, we think that it's safe to say that water is really really really important. It is sort of the Jack-of-all-Trades when it comes to your health and well-being. Drinking plenty of fluids will help fuel your body, circulate nutrients, flush out toxins, make your skin glow, prevent headaches, affect your mood, aid weight loss and keep everything functioning the way that it is supposed to.

A general rule of thumb regarding just how much water you should drink typically goes as follows: you should be drinking your body weight (in lbs), divided by two (in oz). SO… if you weigh 140lbs you should be drinking 70oz of water daily. This can also vary, depending on your age, gender, height, activity levels, etc. However, it is not entirely clear-cut for our barre stars and exercise fiends, because the more active you are, the more water you require to stay hydrated. If you are wondering just how much water your body will require during its workout it's important to consider intensity levels of the activity and your sweat output. Camelbak has created a fantastic calculator to recommend how much water you should be taking in to maximize performance in your workout. Check it out here!  

Next, we're going to talk about what is the best time to drink water to maximize its effectiveness. Studies often promote the benefits of drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up – this is said to help activate your internal organs and flush out toxins before your first meal of the day. It is also important to drink water before and after meals to help with digestion and proper nutrient absorption. It's beneficial to have a glass of water before bed, this will help replenish any of the water that you lose during your slumber. And of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated during your daily workout! Remember that there is no right or wrong way to drink water … as long as you are getting enough of it!

We know that reaching your daily hydration requirements is much easier said than done, you are certainly not alone. So to help you out, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help sneak a bit more water into your daily consumption. Here they are:

  1. Fruits and veggies are water-rich foods – increase your intake of these bad boys and you are well on your way to optimal hydration!

  2. Get creative with your water – try different fruit infusions to spice things up. You can add oranges, lemons, mint, watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, ANYTHING!

  3. Keep a water bottle with you at. all. times! Make it a habit to carry your water with you. If it's within reaching distance, then you are far more likely to drink throughout the day. 

  4. If you are tech savvy, there are actually water tracking apps that will hold you accountable to getting your daily servings. Some even have alarms that you can set, if you need the reminder. 

  5. If you’re out for a night on the town, stick to a one-to-one rule when drinking alcohol. For every vodka cran, follow it up with a glass of water (you'll thank us in the morning). ;)

  6. Invest in a marked water bottle so that you can track exactly how much water you are taking in. 

  7. Hot water with lemon is truly a girl’s best friend! Start your day off with a cup to kick start digestion, balance pH levels and hydrate the lymph system. 

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful. Get it in ya BBS!

Barre Body Studio – Calgary

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