4:43 pm

Barre 101

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Sometimes, when we get used to doing things over and over, we let habit and automation take over and we find ourselves just going through the motions. This can happen in our exercise too. We've all had an off day where we catch ourself "going through the motions" in class, and not really connecting with what movements our body is making and why. With the 30 in 30 Challenge just underway, here is the first instalment of Barre 101! We hear this "shop" talk in every class, so here's a quick reminder of what these terms really mean:

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So next time your barre tender tells you to pulse, pulse, tuck ... take a moment ... breathe in and close your eyes.

Connect with what you are doing ... engage your muscles from the inside out and feel yourself getting stronger.

BBS Team

1:39 pm

You've Got This!

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You're almost halfway there! We see you barre babes showing up. Even when it's sunny, even when it's pouring, even when we know sometimes Netflix & Chill sounds like a much better idea. But you show up and you work hard and you make us proud. We've been seeing your posts on Instagram, watching you share pics and quotes that amp you up. We can't tell you enough just how much this delights us. We love being a part of this challenge with you. We love being included in the goals you set for yourself this summer. We love having you as a member of our #tribe.

With just over 3 weeks left in the BBS Summer Challenge, we are here to cheer you on, encourage you on days when you're just not feeling it and motivate you to pulse just that little bit deeper. We know you can. We know you will. We know you've got this.

Don't forget to check out the BBS Bucket List, just in case you need an extra check mark one of these days.

Here's to the final weeks of the Challenge and, more importantly, here's to you #BBSTribe!

BBS Team