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30 in 30 Challenge

30in30 - Blog

It's Challenge time again, and this one is the toughest one yet! Take 30 classes in 30 days - yep, you read that right! Starting on January 23, take a class every day until February 22. Do that and we'll enter you into the prize draw, with our BIGGEST GRAND PRIZE ever...


Plus, there will be lots of other fun goodies from local business' up for grabs.

We know how tough taking class every single day can be, schedule-wise, so doubles will count (two classes in one day), however, your second class can not be booked in advance, it will be a drop-in only on a first come, first served basis. Thanks for your consideration here!

We find Challenges a great way to motivate, set goals and inspire ourselves and others. We hope this goes without saying, but your health and well-being is our number one priority. Please listen to your body, know your limits, and if you need to take a day or two off, DO IT! We'll be here when you get back. :)

Just like the Tuck for Turkey Challenge, you can Pulse your way to more points. Use BBS Pulse in class to earn points for extra entries into the draw. 

How you earn points:

By staying in the optimal heart rate zones for the majority of class. BBS Pulse is all about tracking where your heart rate is during class. Ideally, you are spending the majority of class in zones 3 and 4, which are the aerobic and anaerobic zones. To learn more about the heart rate zones, read this.

For every minute of class, we will award you with points! The number of points is up to you, based on which heart rate zone you're in. Check it out:

Zone 1 (green) = 1 point/minute
Zone 2 (light grey) = 5 points/minute
Zone 3 (teal) = 15 points/minute
Zone 4 (dark grey) = 15 points/minute
Zone 5 (pink) = 10 points/minute

To give you an idea, imagine you're in a Press class and you spend 5 minutes in zone 1, 12 minutes in zone 2, 15 minutes in zone 3, 12 minutes in zone 4 and 6 minutes in zone 5. We won't bore you with the math, but you just Pulsed your way to 530 points, in only one class!

What the points mean:

14,000 points = 1 extra entry
16,000 points = 2 extra entries
18,000 points = 3 extra entries
20,000+ points = 4 extra entries

We'll be posting your point totals halfway through the Challenge, on the boards, so make sure you check where you're at!

Here's to the new year, the same awesome you and to setting goals and crushing them! 

Only a few spots left in the 30 in 30 Challenge! Sign up here

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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Rockstar Rhonda

Before 23-year-old barre addict, Rhonda Law, was introduced to BBS by her work colleague, most of her evenings involved marathons. Netflix marathons, that is, accompanied by Doritos. After just one class, she was hooked (we have that effect on people) and now her workout regime consists of seven pulsing, burning, butt-sculpting classes a week. Plus, now she really does train for marathons. Like, the running kind! Congratulations on your incredible transformation Rhonda, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.


How did you first come across barre?

I was introduced to barre by my friend and co-worker, Brittni Marshall, who was pulsing and plié-ing in the middle of our office shouting, "I did one barre class—now I think I'm a ballerina!" I accompanied her to a Barre Body Fit class in March and, just like she was, I was instantly hooked.

What was it about this for of exercise that made you an instant addict?

I love how upbeat barre is. From the music to the fabulous instructors. The barre tenders are so enthusiastic and motivating. I think it is amazing that their job is to encourage individuals to become healthier, happier and stronger. It’s so uplifting to be in a studio full of positivity. I won’t lie, I also love how quickly the physical results come.

How have you and/or your lifestyle changed since barre became a part of your life?

I work as a mental health outreach nurse. I love my job because it is riveting and rewarding, but it can be very demanding at times. Barre is an hour out of my day where I can sweat and pulse out any stress and focus on simply taking care of myself. It allows me to leave my problems at the barre, and walk away feeling rejuvenated. Barre has taught me the importance of caring for myself. If I don't take care of myself, how do I effectively take care of my clients, friends, and family?

I also believe in practising what I preach. If I am encouraging my clients to eat healthier and exercise more regularly, it is important that I lead by example. And as added bonus, I have lost 25 lbs since I incorporated barre into my daily routine.

What goals have you accomplished since starting with BBS?

I ran my fastest marathon this year at the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon, shaving almost a full hour off my 2013 time. I recommend every runner to cross-train with barre. Since starting barre, my legs feel stronger, hills feel smaller and the miles seem shorter.

What future goals are you now looking to tackle?

I would like to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. Dream big!


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HFF & BBS Getting Juiced About 2014

It’s the saying that populates fitspo Pinterest boards the world abroad: “abs are made in the kitchen.” And you know what? To an extent, it’s the truth. Unfortunately, we can’t out exercise bad nutrition. Sure, we all need (and deserve) a few indulgences from time to time, but if you really want to see the full potential of your body, the proper nutrient-dense nutrition plan is the way to get it done. Being honest, we probably had more than our fair share of treats during December. Cleaning up our systems is just what we need heading into the new year.

It was with this in mind that we decided adding a nutrition portion to this year’s 30-Day Challenge was so important. We couldn’t have found a better partner than Healthy Funky Foods to bring you the most vibrant, cleansing, juicing and culinary offerings to support us with the challenging goals we have all set for ourselves.

While you can of course design your own meal plan or juice cleanse to go along with your challenge, anyone who has ever tried to make enough juice to keep themselves satiated and feeling great for a few days will tell you it is quite the ordeal. Healthy Funky Foods is a hot local (they operate out of the Crossroads Market) option to take that burden off your shoulders during the challenge.

Owner Rayna Young will be holding two info sessions about the challenge exclusive offerings, including the special 3 Day Liver Detox Juice program and the 7 Day Juice Cleanse she designed specifically for BBS, on January 11 at 12:30 p.m. and January 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the studio, please come by and have all your questions about juice cleansing and a raw food diet answered by the expert.  

Rayna will be offering a special 10% discount for Barre Body Studio Challenge clients off the Happy Funky Food Program of their choice, as well as $25 the price of her Raw Chef Introductory Course (running Thursday, January 30th). Feel free to checkout her website, healthyfunkyfoods.com, to explore all the different available options.

While we are kicking off the physical part of our goal setting challenge on the 15th, the Happy Funky Food orders will be available for pickup on Sunday, January 19th, giving us all a few days to get the successes flowing and then hitting our bods with the delicious nutrition it needs to take this challenge (and changes) to the next level. You can register with Rayna online or in person at the market—or better still, come to one of the info sessions we’re holding this weekend to get the whole scoop.

Hope you are getting as excited as we are to make 2014 a year of great changes! See you soon, xxo.