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CONGRATULATIONS Kathryn - 1,000 Classes!

Meet Kathryn! This barre-star has just hit the MAJOR milestone of 1,000 classes! Kathryn’s love of barre shines through in each class where you can catch her lifting 5 lbs weights and pulsing through the sets with style and grace.

We had a chance to catch up with Kathryn following her big class...

'I have always been active but over time I found that it became increasingly difficult to motivate myself so I tried joining a gym and working with a personal trainer but nothing stuck.

I have never gravitated towards group fitness classes but then I discovered Barre Body Studio. From the minute I stepped into the studio in Ramsay, I felt a connection. Having grown up in Montreal, the studio is in a character building that made me feel instantly at home. The front desk staff and instructors were very personable and it still surprises me today that they are able to greet everyone by name.

I appreciate the cueing and corrections so that you obtain the most possible from the exercises and that I need to be focussed in class as I have a wandering mind. Barre is deceiving, those tiny movements, particularly as you become better at connecting with the small muscle groups, have a cumulative effect.

Barre has made me stronger both physically and emotionally. I always know that I will feel re-energized after a class no matter what transpired during the day, and the strength and flexibility that I have gained have had a positive impact on all other sports that I pursue.

I honestly can't imagine my life in Calgary without barre.'



Kathryn joined our Tribe when our doors first opened and has been a staple in all class types and times ever since. Thank you for including BBS in your fitness journey Kathryn - you are an incredible inspiration to all of us. 



The BBS Team


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Congrats on 1,000 Classes, Selma!

Blog - Tribe Milestones

We are SO proud to give one of our Tribe members a BBS shout out and say CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the 1,000 class milestone! This is such a huge accomplishment! To put it into perspective, we have been open for just over 4 years - or 1,460 days - and they have walked through our door and taken class on 1,000 of them. WOW!

Congrats to Selma for your dedication to yourself, your fitness journey and the BBS Tribe. We are so lucky to have you and we are better because of you. You are a constant source of inspiration and motivation to the rest of our Tribe, each and every one of our instructors and front desk team.

We asked Selma what made her push for 1,000 classes and her response is really the reason we do what we do. She told us "it has never been the number for me and I have never counted my classes! What motivates me is the energy & strength I feel after each class!". Selma also mentioned that "the teachers are amazing and have inspired me to push myself to places I never ever thought I could go! There is nothing more beautiful than when you prove to yourself how strong you are!". We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

Photo - Selma 1000

Our community partner, Total Skincare Centre, has generously gifted Selma with a complimentary 90 minute facial and gift basket. You earned it! A big thanks to TSC for helping us celebrate our Tribe and this incredible milestone.

BBS Team

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Barre Star Monika

Blog - Hall of Fame_copy

Our newest inductee into the BBS Hall of Fame is Monika! Monika has been a part of the BBS Tribe for over a year now. She wanted to share her journey and what barre means to her. We were all ears! Learn Monika's story, below.

Photo - HOF Monika_copy

"I saw the BBS new location sign on Bow Trail for a few months and after seeing something about the Barre workout trend on TV I told myself this is something I want to try one day. In November 2015 I was given a free pass to try BBS. After I got home from my first class I told my teenage girls that I’m never going back there again! I worked out muscles I never knew I had and ached all over. But after seeing the intro special I figured I owed it to myself to go back and try it again. Of course this was after the pain had subsided from those unknown muscles mentioned before. I soon figured out that every class had a different instructor and every instructor and class had new moves that I hadn’t seen (or felt) before. Something just seemed to make sense and I kept on going and going! The challenges were fantastic and really helped motivate me to keep going. I soon made some new friends and got to really enjoy the instructors and their different personalities. I’m now well into my second year and I’ve honestly never felt better in my entire life. I’ve recently turned 50 and I’ve learned that muscle toning is incredibly important for bone density and health as we age. And I love that I can now hold a plank longer than my athletic teenage daughters can! I truly believe that what BBS has created - with their fantastic instructors, great facilities and outstanding customer service - truly helps women become healthier, stronger and more beautiful versions of themselves. I can’t ever see a time where BBS won’t be an important part of my life."

Each and every one of you create an important piece in the puzzle we call the BBS Tribe. We wouldn't be who we are if it weren't for you. Thank you Monika, for giving us a chance (and a second chance!), it is our privilege to have you in our community. Congrats on your first year and here's to many more! May you always be able to "out plank" your daughters! ;)

BBS Team