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Our Top 3 Podcasts

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While podcasts are certainly not a new trend, we do think they are gaining more and more popularity, and slowly but surely we are opting to tune in to the latest episode instead of listening to JT's new album for the umpteenth time. Are you on the podcast bandwagon? What are your favourite ones to listen to? We asked the BBS Team to share their favs and here we have our Top 3.


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#1 | What the Eff | By Sydney & Taylor

Barre Boss, Jaimie, has been following fashion blogger Sydney Poulton for years. Drawn to her simplistic yet beautiful styling, quick wit & ridiculously cute kids, Jaimie was quick to listen in on her brand new podcast, What the Eff.

Taylor, designer & owner of Cove Activewear, hired Sydney to be her brand's Creative Director after their paths crossed as a serendipitous accident. They quickly realized how nice it would’ve been to listen to a podcast on the ‘What the Eff??’ moments of successful companies, AS they were happening, before they knew how everything turned out. 

So they decided to make their own. Their ultimate goal with this podcast is to give you a heaping pile of permission to say, “screw it, I’m doing this.” No matter what THIS is.



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#2 | Super Soul Conversations | By Oprah

Barre Boss, Marlo, was quick to declare Oprah's soulful podcast, Super Soul Conversations, as one of her favs. Always a fan of Oprah and the way she connects with heartfelt storytelling, Marlo was hooked from episode #1. 

This inspirational series nourishes the mind, body and spirit while offering insights into living one's best life. Oprah's personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, authors and health & wellness experts will awaken, discover and connect you to the deeper meaning of the world around you.



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#3 | The Model Health Show | By Shawn Stevenson

Barre Boss, Lena, calls The Model Health Show her go-to podcast as it talks about health on every level. 

Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Health podcast on iTunes. Considered to be one of the most talented nutritionists in the USA, Shawn's here to help you lose weight, feel great, & find fulfillment in life.

No matter what level you're at, having the right tools in your possession can make your health and fitness progress that much easier.


We'd love to know your favourite podcasts that you can't stop listening to! Let us know in the comments, or find us on social - Facebook & Instagram

The BBS Team


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Things Our Gym Bags Can't Live Without!

Blog - GymBagEssentials

We can all relate to digging around our gym bags for our favourite pair of grip socks, or that hair elastic that you KNOW you threw in there! This got us thinking about the things we have in our gym bags that we simply can not live without. Okay, if we're being real honest we could, but we don't want to!

You think your gym bag is out of hand? You should take a peek into your barre tenders' bag. Just kidding, we probably wouldn't let you. ;) Here are a few of the things our Barre babes just can't seem to part with, besides Fuel Bars of course.

  1. DoTerra Essential Oils - Adriana can't live without Peppermint oil for headaches, Lavender for stress, and Oregano for immunity. 
  2. Burberry Lipstick - Sometimes you just need a quick pick me up and Lena says this lipstick in English Rose does the trick.
  3. NatureBox Sriracha Roasted Cashews - Reanna thinks these are the best for when the munchies hit! Yum!
  4. Wash Dolly - Amanda swears by these local make-up remover cloths.
  5. Saje Roll-on Perfumes - Emma loves these roll-on perfumes and is currently switching between Goddess and Yoga scents.
  6. Saje Peppermint Halo - For anyone prone to headaches, Katrina & Kenna call this roll-on a lifesaver!
  7. Acuball - Leave it to one of our resident dance teachers to always have an Acuball in her bag. Lauren loves using it to roll out her feet!
  8. Nail Oil from Butter Beauty Parlour - Marlo always has snacks in her bag, along with nail oil from our friends at Butter. 
  9. Bumble & Bumble Prêt-a-Powder - This dry shampoo is a game changer and Jaimie uses it after class, in between showers. Grab a bottle at Butter!
  10. Lint Brush - One of the more practical answers we got! Tara doesn't leave home without her lint brush, and let's be honest, many of us have asked to borrow it. 

What are YOUR gym bag essentials? Any local products that you're loving these days and can't seem to live without. We want to know! Leave us a comment or send us a message on social. 

BBS Team

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What do you love about Fall?

Blog - BBS Favs Fall Edition

Fall is officially here! Mother Nature even tried to skip ahead on us with that early white stuff. Whoa. At least give us until Halloween. Fall seems to be a lot of people's favourite season. The pretty colours, mild temps (well, some of the time) and cozy layers are just a few of our fav things about this season. We chatted with some of your rockstar barre tenders, and here is what we love most about Fall!

  • Changing of the seasons and cozy sweaters. –Marlo
  • Pulling out the warmer clothes, jackets and boots. I have something called foot duvets from Restoration Hardware that are as amazing as they sound. Also fires in the fireplace. –Emma
  • The colours! Fall is always so picturesque and beautiful. –Kenna
  • The colours of the leaves, the start of a "new year" with the dance season, and pulling out all of the sweaters and scarves! –Lauren
  • I love the changing leaves and how beautiful the snow is. - Amanda
  • Crisp mornings but warm afternoons...the crunch of leaves under foot, chunky sweaters & campfires. -Tara
  • The leaves changing. It's THE most beautiful thing ever. –Adriana
  • The gorgeous colours and fresh crispness of the air. -Reanna

What is YOUR favourite thing about this colourful and cozy season?


BBS Team

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The Other Bar

Blog - Favs_SummerDrinks

We're all about that work work work work work at the barre, but you know that we play just as hard once class is through! After a killer barre burn, there's no better way to unwind than sitting in the sun with a summer cocktail! And the best part is that after a couple hundred pulses, you have certainly earned it.

We thought we'd share with you some of our absolute favourite summer drink recipes. Trust us, this barre isn’t the only bar that your tenders know their way around. So next time you’re looking to sit back in the sunshine, give one of these recipes a go!

PS. Everything tastes just a little bit better with an umbrella ;)

"Healthy" Spritzer 
4 oz white wine 
3 oz club soda 
Ice and a squeeze of fresh lime!

Rosé … all day 
No recipe needed ;)

Raspberry Mojito

1-2 oz vodka 
Sparkling water

Frozen raspberries   
Lots of lime 

Short + Sweet
1 oz ice lychee flavoured liquor  
5 oz champagne or white wine 

A dash of sprite or 7-up
Add fruit if you want to feel fancy

1 bottle Corona  
1-2 oz tequila 
Lime slush to taste

Mango Margaritas
1-2 oz tequila 
1 oz cointreau or triple sec 
Splash of mango juice 
2 limes, juiced

Splash of orange juice (optional)
Pinch of chilli powder (optional)
Blend or serve over ice 

1/2 beer  
1/2 ginger beer (or ginger ale, sprite, grapefruit juice)

Have your own favourite summer sips? Don’t hold out, we want the deets! Share your recipes with us on social. 

BBS Team

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Let's Get Outside!


Big vacations in the summer are always great, however, we also enjoy the simple things in life. Plus, we think that summertime is always well spent in and around our city - the warm weather and pretty YYC days offer up the perfect opportunity to share some laughs and make some memories with family and friends. With that in mind, we have asked a few of your barre tenders what you might find them getting up to during the summer (when they aren’t kicking butt at the barre, of course). With their wisdom, we have made up a list of our absolute favourite activities to do during the summer months! Some things on our list involve venturing out a little bit, while others can literally be done in your own backyard. Here are our BBS favs: summer activities edition!

1.     Swimming in the outdoor pools
2.     Getting out to Vancouver Island and being by the ocean
3.     Gardening!
4.     Waterfall hunting
5.     Canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding on Glenmore reservoir
6.     Boating & wake surfing
7.     Camping (or Glamping) in the mountains
8.     Floating down the Bow or Elbow River
9.     Patios, patios....did we say patios?
10.   Hitting the links - we mean golfing ;)

If you think there's something missing on our list, let us know because we have got to try it! Share your favourite summer activities with us on social. And in the meantime, we'll catch ya at the barre!

Barre Body Studio - Calgary

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Track It with BBS


Fitness performance trackers are certainly the latest fitness craze and we are on board with this one! Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and more – it seems like these high tech fitness trackers are popping up everywhere. We see our clients working it just a little bit harder at the barre with the added motivation of the little strap around your wrist measuring heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and active minutes. But what does this all mean relative to your Barre Body classes? We're talking all things fitness trackers and breaking down each component of your tracker so that you can get a feel for what is actually going down in your Barre Body class! 

Heart Rate: The latest and greatest feature of the fresh new trackers is the heart rate monitor - we are obsessed! Monitoring your pulse during your barre class is a great way to ensure that you are maintaining your target heart rate and getting the most out of each class that you take. Both your resting and active heart rate is dependent on age, sex, activity level and overall health, therefore, they are a little different for every person. If you want a rough estimate of where your own target heart rate should be, Live Strong has a great calculator on their website. Because your Barre Body Fit class is not centred on high-impact cardio series, but cardio components are included in every class, your heart rate will stay in the fat-burning zone for the majority of your class. In this zone you are building an aerobic base and burning calories from fat. In the cardio zone, your exercise will typically be higher intensity and higher impact so that your heart rate is also higher. In this zone your body is burning carbohydrates. So regardless of the name, your body will be burning calories (and continue to burn calories after) the entirety of your barre class. Did you know that the BBS barre method is one of few that incorporates a cardio component into almost every class, now you know why!

Calories: Heart rate monitors and calorie counting devices typically report a range from 300-600 calories burnt in a 60-minute barre class. This will always be dependent on the choreography of the class, the intensity of the cardio and the individual energy that you put into your class. Barre is also unique in the sense that because it is mostly anaerobic, your body continues to burn up to 100 calories after your class is complete. You can read all about the “afterburn effect” in this article by Dr. Christopher Scott here!

Your tracking device may not be able to pick up your barre workouts on its own, like it would running, walking or biking, so be sure to set your workout timers every time you start those marches!

PS. Do you have a Fitbit? We L.O.V.E the new feature of MindBody Connect that allows you to sync your Fitbit information with your MBC account. If you haven’t set that up yet, click here to find out how!

Barre Body Studio – Calgary

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BBS Reads

BBS Reads_copy2

We know that the life of a #girlboss, like yourself, is a beautifully chaotic one. We get it, juggling your career, your family and your fitness can certainly be a challenge. And even though it may seem like one of life’s more trying tasks, taking a little bit of downtime for yourself is so important in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

This week on the blog we want to share with you some of our wind down essentials – our favourite books! We have turned to your brainy barre tenders and front desk stars to ask them what they like to sit down with (… other than a bottle of wine) after a busy week. Together, we have made a list of all of our favourite BBS reads. So whether you’re looking for something to curl up with on a lazy day, bring along on your next business trip or something to accompany you while you sit out your deck and soak up that beautiful YYC sun, we have got just the thing for you! Check out our fave BBS books:

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Mindy Kaling  
Bridget Jones' Diary - Helen Fielding  
She's Come Undone - Wally Lamb  
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky 
Feeling Sorry for Celia - Jaclyn Moriarty
We Were Liars - E. Lockhart 
Cookbooks (but only ones with pictures) 
Girl on a Train – Paula Hawkins
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion
House in the Sky – Amanda Lindhout
Still Life With Woodpecker - Tom Robbins 
Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates - Tom Robbins 
The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein 
Life of Pi - Yann Martel 
Gifts of Imperfection & Rising Strong - Brene Brown 
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert 
Yes please - Amy Poehler 
Daily Om - Madisyn Taylor 
All the Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr 

Okay, now it’s your turn … we want to hear your favourites! Share with us what you’ve been reading lately on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! BBS book club, anybody!? ;)

Barre Body Studio – Calgary