12:57 pm

Joan JUST Crushed her 1,000 Class!

Joan...always smiling, always rooting for the newbie, the first-timer, her fellow barre-stars and instructors alike. Joan embodies all things BBS and for the past 5 years has been a friendly, smiling face to so many participants in and around our studios and community. We caught up with Joan on how BBS has played a role in her life...


How has barre impacted your life?

J.S. 'So much more strength, and less aversion to cardio. With the onset of a bit of, ahem, old people problems, like osteoarthritis and bursitis, I am so glad to have barre. Barre gives me the determination to keep moving. The alternative is NOT an option.'

What is your favourite thing about attending Barre Body Studio classes?

J.S. 'Easily the enthusiasm and encouragement of each and every barre tender.'

How would you describe the community at BBS?

J.S. ‘So many great people. I don't have time to socialize much outside of class, but I always share a few laughs before and after class with  so many of my classmates. I try not to talk in class, but I grunt and moan and smile through gritted teeth. I hope it is not a distraction.'

What has the workout meant to you over the past 5 years. 

J.S. 'Well, for starters, it is the first time in my life I have been able to really get my money's worth from a fitness membership. Just think, an average of about 200 classes per year! And like I said recently, when I am away from the studio, everything looks like a barre.'

J.S. 'Watch out! I am retiring before the end of 2018 and might have time for two classes a day! (if there is space of course).'


We’ll make room for you Joan - congratulations and happy retirement! 


xo - BBS Team


5:17 pm

Barre Star Clare hits her 1,000 Class Mega-Milestone!


Clare is a force to be reckoned with. She pushes herself, those around her, including our instructors, to live up to the Barre Body Studio hype and bring it every single class. As a lunch hour regular, Clare has become a very familiar face around the studio. We asked Clare to share her experience with BBS over the past five years...



'Walking through the doors at BBS is like walking into “Cheers” - where everyone knows your name!!Instantly I feel like I’m surrounded by friends.

2013 was a pretty awful year for me on so many personal levels. Taking my first barre class in Nov 2013 was really the kickstart to an amazing journey of self discovery, of self love and finding a confidence I never knew I had. The journey continues today.

BBS has truly changed my life. Sure, losing 24lbs in my first 3 months was a bonus - nothing has changed my body like barre. But it’s the growth from the inside that has meant the most.

Aside from moving to Canada from Scotland 13 years ago, this journey has been one of the most life-changing events in my life. 

I love being surrounded by amazing women (clients/instructors alike) on a daily basis, how we push & motivate each other. No judgement, no ego, it just is.'

Clare - Congratulations on hitting the mega-milestone of 1,000 classes! We are so lucky to have you as a part of Tribe and community. Keep kicking ass girl!