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At Barre Body Studio, we love to celebrate our Tribe any chance we get. We support their personal achievements; graduations, engagements and weddings, new babies, grand babies, and fur babies. We love to hear about their professional accolades, awards and nominations and promotions. We cheer them on during competitions, marathons and races. But, we especially L-O-V-E when they hit MAJOR milestones within our studio walls. 

Meet our 1,000 class +++ Barre Stars!! These mega-babes have been pulsing with your fav instructors for at the 5-years. Look for them during your next class at either studio - you'll be sure to recognize them. 






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CONGRATULATIONS Kathryn - 1,000 Classes!

Meet Kathryn! This barre-star has just hit the MAJOR milestone of 1,000 classes! Kathryn’s love of barre shines through in each class where you can catch her lifting 5 lbs weights and pulsing through the sets with style and grace.

We had a chance to catch up with Kathryn following her big class...

'I have always been active but over time I found that it became increasingly difficult to motivate myself so I tried joining a gym and working with a personal trainer but nothing stuck.

I have never gravitated towards group fitness classes but then I discovered Barre Body Studio. From the minute I stepped into the studio in Ramsay, I felt a connection. Having grown up in Montreal, the studio is in a character building that made me feel instantly at home. The front desk staff and instructors were very personable and it still surprises me today that they are able to greet everyone by name.

I appreciate the cueing and corrections so that you obtain the most possible from the exercises and that I need to be focussed in class as I have a wandering mind. Barre is deceiving, those tiny movements, particularly as you become better at connecting with the small muscle groups, have a cumulative effect.

Barre has made me stronger both physically and emotionally. I always know that I will feel re-energized after a class no matter what transpired during the day, and the strength and flexibility that I have gained have had a positive impact on all other sports that I pursue.

I honestly can't imagine my life in Calgary without barre.'



Kathryn joined our Tribe when our doors first opened and has been a staple in all class types and times ever since. Thank you for including BBS in your fitness journey Kathryn - you are an incredible inspiration to all of us. 



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1000 CLASSES - Congratulations Stacey!

Stacey has been a member of the BBS family ever since we first opened our doors over five years ago. This powerhouse mom of two recently completed her 1000th class with BBS and we could not be prouder of her! You can see Stacey at every single 6 a.m. class on the daily and her hard work and dedication inspires our entire community.

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"The transformation has not only been inward but also outward. I am in the best shape of my life, and I am truly happy and proud of how hard I have worked. This is after two babies in 5 years (all while still doing barre right until the end) that I can say without a shadow of doubt that no other workout has given me results like barre. Barre has become a part of my life to the point that I seek out barre studios even when I am on vacation. I am so very thankful and appreciative of my journey and the role barre has played, and will continue to play in the years to come,” Stacey told us.

Thanks for being a part of our Tribe, Stacey! You make us to want to be better and stronger and lift each other up.

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