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au+c "gold and diamond" in simple chemistry.

Canadian designed fine jewelry that is handcrafted with 18k gold and brilliant cut diamonds or precious gemstones. 

Born in Beijing, China, raised in the UK and Canada, Savannah graduated with a Master degree in e-Business along with a Bachelor in Fashion design. She has always been passionate with many kinds of jewelry design and wanting to create something she can call her own.

Savannah has been a member of the Barre Body Studio from the beginning and we are obsessed with her newest creation, au+c fine jewelry.

au+c fine jewelry is her way of expressing her creative mind and designing jewelry that could be worn in many ways and any occasion.Savannah donated three beautiful pieces to the Live Well Challenge giveaway. Ekk!

Check out her work here and follow her on instagram here.

We caught up with Savannah to learn more about au+c and her favourite or should we say, least favourite barre pose. 


You are a mother, a designer and an avid barre babe, what is one thing that you love most about Barre Body Studio?

       The one thing that I love the most about Barre Body Studio is the people there! When I started going to BBS about 5 years ago I didn't know anyone in the city since I just moved from Beijing to Calgary. After years of going there, I have made so many friends, and each of them has inspired me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. Barre Body Studio has been this place that everyone is willing to help each other and grow together as a whole community. 


Where do you find your inspiration to create jewelry?

      The beauty of simplicity has always been my inspiration. I love how fine lines and simple shapes can make a huge impact when they are created with materials like gold and diamonds. I also believe that fine jewelry should be worn in many ways and be able to pair with different style of outfits. Pairing diamonds with boyfriend jeans is way more interesting and unexpected. 


We cannot get enough of your amazing style. You always look fantastic! Tell us what you love about fashion and your previous career?

       Before I moved to Calgary I was working as a fashion editor in a fashion magazine in Beijing, China. Working in the fashion industry in Beijing was incredibly challenging but I was lucky enough to have opportunities to interview some of the CEOs and Creative Directors of brands like BVLGARI, Salvatore Ferregamo, Gucci and Pomellato. After I moved to Calgary I worked as a Creative Director for some fashion shoots for the local magazine. Just like creating jewelry, I love pairing unexpected pieces together when it comes to my personal style, a pop of colour also is my way to stand out of the crowd.  


If you had to choose, would you prefer plank pose or chair pose?

       Plank over chair pose! For sure!



12:57 pm

Joan JUST Crushed her 1,000 Class!

Joan...always smiling, always rooting for the newbie, the first-timer, her fellow barre-stars and instructors alike. Joan embodies all things BBS and for the past 5 years has been a friendly, smiling face to so many participants in and around our studios and community. We caught up with Joan on how BBS has played a role in her life...


How has barre impacted your life?

J.S. 'So much more strength, and less aversion to cardio. With the onset of a bit of, ahem, old people problems, like osteoarthritis and bursitis, I am so glad to have barre. Barre gives me the determination to keep moving. The alternative is NOT an option.'

What is your favourite thing about attending Barre Body Studio classes?

J.S. 'Easily the enthusiasm and encouragement of each and every barre tender.'

How would you describe the community at BBS?

J.S. ‘So many great people. I don't have time to socialize much outside of class, but I always share a few laughs before and after class with  so many of my classmates. I try not to talk in class, but I grunt and moan and smile through gritted teeth. I hope it is not a distraction.'

What has the workout meant to you over the past 5 years. 

J.S. 'Well, for starters, it is the first time in my life I have been able to really get my money's worth from a fitness membership. Just think, an average of about 200 classes per year! And like I said recently, when I am away from the studio, everything looks like a barre.'

J.S. 'Watch out! I am retiring before the end of 2018 and might have time for two classes a day! (if there is space of course).'


We’ll make room for you Joan - congratulations and happy retirement! 


xo - BBS Team


5:17 pm

Barre Star Clare hits her 1,000 Class Mega-Milestone!


Clare is a force to be reckoned with. She pushes herself, those around her, including our instructors, to live up to the Barre Body Studio hype and bring it every single class. As a lunch hour regular, Clare has become a very familiar face around the studio. We asked Clare to share her experience with BBS over the past five years...



'Walking through the doors at BBS is like walking into “Cheers” - where everyone knows your name!!Instantly I feel like I’m surrounded by friends.

2013 was a pretty awful year for me on so many personal levels. Taking my first barre class in Nov 2013 was really the kickstart to an amazing journey of self discovery, of self love and finding a confidence I never knew I had. The journey continues today.

BBS has truly changed my life. Sure, losing 24lbs in my first 3 months was a bonus - nothing has changed my body like barre. But it’s the growth from the inside that has meant the most.

Aside from moving to Canada from Scotland 13 years ago, this journey has been one of the most life-changing events in my life. 

I love being surrounded by amazing women (clients/instructors alike) on a daily basis, how we push & motivate each other. No judgement, no ego, it just is.'

Clare - Congratulations on hitting the mega-milestone of 1,000 classes! We are so lucky to have you as a part of Tribe and community. Keep kicking ass girl!


10:43 am


As an eating Psychology Coach, Lena is passionate about helping people overcome the struggles they have with food and their body and coaches her clients to look at all the areas of their lives that could be affecting the way they eat so they can see long-lasting change. Lena is a bestselling author of the book Food Rehab for Food Junkies which explains how our issues with food reflect the issues we have in our lives and how long-lasting health can be achieved on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  

Lena has shared one of her absolute fav recipes!!



Serves 4 / Prep time: 25-min / Cook time: 10-min



3 medium fingerling potatoes (or small white potatoes)

1 fillet wild salmon (about 12 oz)

1 large egg

1/2 cup loose packed fresh basil

2 tbsp all-purpose flour (Lena uses gluten free)

1 tsp salt

Avocado oil to fry with


Start by boiling the potatoes until fork tender. Once the potatoes are done boiling, drain the water and mash them in a large mixing bowl (no need to take skins off as they give the cakes a more rustic look and you get the nutrients from the skin).

Cut the skin away from the salmon and discard. Chop salmon into bite sized chunks and mash the meat into the potato. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Heat avocado oil in large skillet on medium heat. Form 4 patties out of your potato/salmon mix and place in pan.

Cook each side for about 5 minutes or until golden brown being careful not to burn it (they will cook fast). Flip over and cook other side for another 5 minutes and voila, restaurant worthy fish cakes! 


For more information about Lena, visit her website: Jaded Nutrition


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At Barre Body Studio, we love to celebrate our Tribe any chance we get. We support their personal achievements; graduations, engagements and weddings, new babies, grand babies, and fur babies. We love to hear about their professional accolades, awards and nominations and promotions. We cheer them on during competitions, marathons and races. But, we especially L-O-V-E when they hit MAJOR milestones within our studio walls. 

Meet our 1,000 class +++ Barre Stars!! These mega-babes have been pulsing with your fav instructors for at the 5-years. Look for them during your next class at either studio - you'll be sure to recognize them. 






image11-e1430187719654 Photo_-_Selma_1000


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.15.38 PM IMG_9831





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CONGRATULATIONS Kathryn - 1,000 Classes!

Meet Kathryn! This barre-star has just hit the MAJOR milestone of 1,000 classes! Kathryn’s love of barre shines through in each class where you can catch her lifting 5 lbs weights and pulsing through the sets with style and grace.

We had a chance to catch up with Kathryn following her big class...

'I have always been active but over time I found that it became increasingly difficult to motivate myself so I tried joining a gym and working with a personal trainer but nothing stuck.

I have never gravitated towards group fitness classes but then I discovered Barre Body Studio. From the minute I stepped into the studio in Ramsay, I felt a connection. Having grown up in Montreal, the studio is in a character building that made me feel instantly at home. The front desk staff and instructors were very personable and it still surprises me today that they are able to greet everyone by name.

I appreciate the cueing and corrections so that you obtain the most possible from the exercises and that I need to be focussed in class as I have a wandering mind. Barre is deceiving, those tiny movements, particularly as you become better at connecting with the small muscle groups, have a cumulative effect.

Barre has made me stronger both physically and emotionally. I always know that I will feel re-energized after a class no matter what transpired during the day, and the strength and flexibility that I have gained have had a positive impact on all other sports that I pursue.

I honestly can't imagine my life in Calgary without barre.'



Kathryn joined our Tribe when our doors first opened and has been a staple in all class types and times ever since. Thank you for including BBS in your fitness journey Kathryn - you are an incredible inspiration to all of us. 



The BBS Team


10:29 pm

1000 CLASSES - Congratulations Stacey!

Stacey has been a member of the BBS family ever since we first opened our doors over five years ago. This powerhouse mom of two recently completed her 1000th class with BBS and we could not be prouder of her! You can see Stacey at every single 6 a.m. class on the daily and her hard work and dedication inspires our entire community.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.15.38 PM

"The transformation has not only been inward but also outward. I am in the best shape of my life, and I am truly happy and proud of how hard I have worked. This is after two babies in 5 years (all while still doing barre right until the end) that I can say without a shadow of doubt that no other workout has given me results like barre. Barre has become a part of my life to the point that I seek out barre studios even when I am on vacation. I am so very thankful and appreciative of my journey and the role barre has played, and will continue to play in the years to come,” Stacey told us.

Thanks for being a part of our Tribe, Stacey! You make us to want to be better and stronger and lift each other up.

FLASHBACK – Stacey was first featured on our blog in 2014 – check out it out!!



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Summer Sizzler Challenge

SummerSizzler - Blog

Stampede is just days away and we can't help but feel excited for pancake breakfasts, BBQs and country tunes. Who else is excited to get their YEEHAW on?! After 10 days of Stampedin', join us for the BBS Summer Sizzler Challenge.

Summer is about to get even hotter! This 30 in 30 comes with fresh, new mini challenges (you thought we were gonna say mini donuts didn’t you?).

The Details:

  • July 23 - August 21
  • Take 30 classes in 30 days
  • 5 chances to crush a mini challenge to make up for a missed class

Check out the Summer Sizzler Mini Challenge List HERE!

Complete the challenge and you'll be entered into the prize draw, with prizes from us, The Ace Class and more!

Ready to get your challenge on?


The BBS Team

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We Listened


Each year, we empower our community to share their voice with our team. We value what our Tribe has to offer, the good, great and the areas where we can improve. If it wasn’t for our the incredible people who walk through our doors on the daily, we simply wouldn’t be who we are today. 

The feedback we have received has been heartfelt and heartwarming to say the least. The suggestions have been reviewed and we are putting some of these into place as we speak. The improvements that our team is able to undertake to offer exceptional barre and exception service is all thanks to you. As our thank-you, we have selected one lucky client for the month of May and another for June, who offered feedback of their experience, to win one free month of barre!

Congratulations to Charlé West and Raven Brousseau!!

Here are a few of our favourite comments...

  • Amazing!!!!! So much more than just exercise....I leave feeling like I can take on the day ahead!
  • Loved how the class flowed - not too rushed but fast enough pacing to touch on all areas of the body within the shorter, 50 minute time frame.
  • The cardio was killer and the squats and mermaid at the barre were makin me shake so bad haha!
  • Emma is amazing. I hate her cardio sessions so much because they are so hard!, but I'm really proud of myself after I do them. Also, my butt has never looked better and it’s Emma’s fault.
  • I think my butt turned into Brazilian butt after this class. Love IT!!

Most commonly mentioned is that our clients really appreciate hands-on adjustments and modifications in our classes at BBS. Offering varying degree’s of difficulty allowing them to work towards personal goals by increasing the intensity when they are ready. 

Please don’t stop sharing your experiences, your thoughts, feedback and suggestions with us simply because we are not asking you each class. Chat with your instructors, our front desk team or management as we’d would love to connect with you and hear about the personal achievements you’ve had in class, and in life, and the goals you’ve crushed. 

You are always welcome to email us at calgary@barrebodystudio.com with additional comments. 


xo - BBS Team

6:49 pm

RISE UP | May 26, 2018

Rise Up Series - EmailHeader_copy


We Rise Together as Women, as a Community.

We’re so excited to announce RISE UP: The Series - a program full of unique & empowering events taking place outside the studio.  

International Women's Day marked the first event in the RISE UP series, with over 80 women moving, connecting & celebrating together at The Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary. You guys created an energy so strong, so powerful it left us wanting MORE!

Join us at The Palace Theatre for the second event in the RISE UP series. It will be an afternoon of movement, music and connection. 

1-3 PM

1:00-1:15pm | arrival & check-in
1:15-1:30pm | opening remarks 
1:30-2:45pm | class with Marlo Brausse 
2:45-3:00pm | mingle & closing remarks


219 8 AVE SW


Join us in our year of living well with an experience you won't want to miss! Bring your best friend, your mom, husband, boyfriend, whoever - all welcome! Save your spot today.


Wondering what to expect? Check out the highlight reel from the last event! Can you feel the energy?

The BBS Team