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Barre Bridge

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BBS Barre Tender, Jaimie, is here to show you how to get into one of the most popular glute exercises on the floor, the barre bridge. 

There are many different variations or modifications to a barre bridge. Extra add-ons, such as, adding a ball or a band or alternate feet positions, like second or relevé make this exercise even more challenging and help to target additional muscle groups, such as, inner and outer thighs and hamstrings.

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BBS Pulse: What do the zones mean?

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You've heard about it in class and you've seen the TV screens in the studios, but how can BBS Pulse work for you? You've come to the right place! For an overview of what BBS Pulse is, read more about it here.

So what do the heart rate zones and colours mean? Let's break it down:

GREEN // Cool Down
This zone will be characterized by your lowest heart rate, likely your resting heart rate. You will typically be in this zone at the very start of warm up and during cool down. However, if you naturally have a lower resting heart rate, you may work in this zone for longer than others. In the GREEN zone, it will be easy to breathe and you shouldn't feel a strain in your muscles. 

This is the zone you will be in as your heart rate starts to increase. It's important to remember that everyone is different, but typically you will see yourself in this zone during the majority of your warm up. You may also work in this zone throughout the class, during the lower impact exercises. In the LIGHT GREY zone, it will still be comfortable and easy to breathe, making it ideal for longer durations of exercise.

TEAL // Fat Burn
This is the anaerobic zone, meaning this is the zone that will have you burning fat in no time. Your breathing will get heavier and you'll be feeling a light strain in your muscles. In addition to burning calories, you will be strengthening and toning your muscles in this zone. The TEAL zone is one of two zones that you want to spend the majority of class in.

DARK GREY // Calorie Burn
In this aerobic zone, breathing is heavy and your muscles will feel fatigued. For those of you with lower resting heart rates, you may never get to the PINK zone, so this is the zone you want to strive for during cardio bursts. The DARK GREY zone is the other zone that you want to spend the majority of class in.

PINK // Full Effort
In this zone, your heart rate is at its maximum. Your breathing will be heaviest and your muscles exhausted. Usually, you will be in the PINK zone during cardio bursts only, but you may find yourself in this zone throughout class during particularly challenging exercises.

A commonly asked question we get is "what if my goal isn't to lose weight?" and this is a great question. We understand that there are many fitness goals, in addition to burning calories. Maybe burning calories and losing weight isn't one of your goals at all. That's okay! BBS Pulse still has many benefits and can be useful to you and your barre practice.

If you are more interested in strengthening and toning your muscles then you should be paying attention to the amount of time you spend in the fat burning (toning) zones, which are TEAL and DARK GREY. If you only want to work in those zones you can easily gauge your heart rate by looking at the screen and adjusting your output to stay out of the PINK zone.

If you're using BBS Pulse, make sure your weight, age and gender are all accurate in your online profile. This will ensure your heart rate data is as accurate as possible, so the results you see are the results your body is generating.

For a downloadable version of the BBS Pulse Heart Rate Chart, click here.

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