Let's Get Outside!


Big vacations in the summer are always great, however, we also enjoy the simple things in life. Plus, we think that summertime is always well spent in and around our city - the warm weather and pretty YYC days offer up the perfect opportunity to share some laughs and make some memories with family and friends. With that in mind, we have asked a few of your barre tenders what you might find them getting up to during the summer (when they aren’t kicking butt at the barre, of course). With their wisdom, we have made up a list of our absolute favourite activities to do during the summer months! Some things on our list involve venturing out a little bit, while others can literally be done in your own backyard. Here are our BBS favs: summer activities edition!

1.     Swimming in the outdoor pools
2.     Getting out to Vancouver Island and being by the ocean
3.     Gardening!
4.     Waterfall hunting
5.     Canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding on Glenmore reservoir
6.     Boating & wake surfing
7.     Camping (or Glamping) in the mountains
8.     Floating down the Bow or Elbow River
9.     Patios, patios....did we say patios?
10.   Hitting the links - we mean golfing ;)

If you think there's something missing on our list, let us know because we have got to try it! Share your favourite summer activities with us on social. And in the meantime, we'll catch ya at the barre!

Barre Body Studio - Calgary