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Fitness performance trackers are certainly the latest fitness craze and we are on board with this one! Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and more – it seems like these high tech fitness trackers are popping up everywhere. We see our clients working it just a little bit harder at the barre with the added motivation of the little strap around your wrist measuring heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and active minutes. But what does this all mean relative to your Barre Body classes? We're talking all things fitness trackers and breaking down each component of your tracker so that you can get a feel for what is actually going down in your Barre Body class! 

Heart Rate: The latest and greatest feature of the fresh new trackers is the heart rate monitor - we are obsessed! Monitoring your pulse during your barre class is a great way to ensure that you are maintaining your target heart rate and getting the most out of each class that you take. Both your resting and active heart rate is dependent on age, sex, activity level and overall health, therefore, they are a little different for every person. If you want a rough estimate of where your own target heart rate should be, Live Strong has a great calculator on their website. Because your Barre Body Fit class is not centred on high-impact cardio series, but cardio components are included in every class, your heart rate will stay in the fat-burning zone for the majority of your class. In this zone you are building an aerobic base and burning calories from fat. In the cardio zone, your exercise will typically be higher intensity and higher impact so that your heart rate is also higher. In this zone your body is burning carbohydrates. So regardless of the name, your body will be burning calories (and continue to burn calories after) the entirety of your barre class. Did you know that the BBS barre method is one of few that incorporates a cardio component into almost every class, now you know why!

Calories: Heart rate monitors and calorie counting devices typically report a range from 300-600 calories burnt in a 60-minute barre class. This will always be dependent on the choreography of the class, the intensity of the cardio and the individual energy that you put into your class. Barre is also unique in the sense that because it is mostly anaerobic, your body continues to burn up to 100 calories after your class is complete. You can read all about the “afterburn effect” in this article by Dr. Christopher Scott here!

Your tracking device may not be able to pick up your barre workouts on its own, like it would running, walking or biking, so be sure to set your workout timers every time you start those marches!

PS. Do you have a Fitbit? We L.O.V.E the new feature of MindBody Connect that allows you to sync your Fitbit information with your MBC account. If you haven’t set that up yet, click here to find out how!

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