4:38 pm

BBS Master Class: Killer Core & Bangin' Booty


Lets break it down, a Master Class is the same barre burn that you all know and love but served up in a 75-minute themed special event every month. Each Master Class is $22 for members and $28 for non-members. We have added a new perk for our auto-renew members; you now have one free Master Class per year! You can apply that pass to our January Killer Core class, February Bangin’ Booty class or to any upcoming Master Classes throughout the year.

In January, we are starting strong with a Killer Core Master Class. Since your core is the foundation of all movement, at and away from the barre, we think it is pretty important. For your convenience, we are excited to be offering this Master Class at both locations, on two different days. Our first class will be held @ BBS Ramsay on Saturday, January 23rd 1:00pm-2:15pm and our second @ BBS Bow Trail on Saturday, January 30th 1:00pm-2:15pm. We will be announcing instructors at a later date, so stay tuned!

In February, love is in the air all month long and do know what we love most at Barre Body? That backside. Next month, we will be hosting an all time fav: Bangin’ Booty. Our first Master Class will be @ BBS Ramsay on Saturday, February 20th 1:00pm-2:15pm. If you can’t make that booty-building-barre-burn, we will be hosting a second Master Class @ BBS Bow Trail on February 27th 1:00pm-2:15pm. Again, keep an eye out on social media for instructor announcements.

Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot in class through ‘Events’ on your MindBody Connect account. You can click, this link to take you there now.

See you at the Barre!

XO Barre Body Studio – Calgary

5:18 pm

BBS Birthday Bash


It's our 3rd birthday! And thanks to the commitment and support of our BBS community, we've got a lot to celebrate. Come party with us on January 19! We will be hosting free classes at both locations: BBS Ramsay and BBS Bow Trail. Reserve your spot for these classes as you normally would, either through your MindBody account or give us a call @ either studio.

Post complimentary sweat-sesh, we will have juice & bubbly to toast to a extraordinary past three years and many more to come.In addition to these birthday festivities, we will be marking down all BBS swag, retail and accessories, 15% off all day long! This is a one-day only sale, so even if you don't have time to join us for a class, be sure to stop by!

YYC, we appreciate the love and support that you are constantly sending our way and this is our way of saying thank you! So it doesn't matter if you're a BBS regular who has been killing it at the barre three years strong or a first-timer who wants to see what all hype is about, everyone is invited!

Reservations can be made 7 days in advance  (starting Jan 12th). If you have registered for a class, yet can no longer attend kindly remove your name so another guest can take your place.

xxo, Barre Body Studio - Calgary

10:59 am

BBS Winter Challenge


Ready to start 2016 off with a BANG? We know just how to do it! BBS is raising the barre with this one (yes, pun intended) and re-introducing the queen bee of all Barre Body challenges: 30 in 45 days! Not only is this our longest challenge but it is also our most goal-shaking and body-changing … sounds like just what we need to revitalize after that (maybe too) gratifying holiday season. Plus, what better way to ring in the New Year than completely devoted to your personal health and fitness. Starting on January 16 to February 29, challengers have 45 days to knock out 30 Barre Body classes. Every challenger that successfully completes 30 classes will receive a $50 account credit that can be put towards your next class card or monthly membership.

This challenge is absolutely free to take part in BUT space is limited, so jump on it! We are capping it at 131 participates total, 48 can register at Bow Trail and 83 can register at Ramsay (but don’t worry, classes at both locations will count towards your 30 classes. Just make sure to keep track of classes completed on the challenge board at your registered studio.) To ensure your spot, sign up through your MindBody Connect account or click this link to take you to our online store. Select events from the drop down menu, complete the sign up and you are good to go.

Winter Challenge - Ramsay Sign Up 

Winter Challenge - Bow Trail Sign Up

We are so excited to help you kick off your 2016 resolutions. Remember, motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going. Use these 45 days to get into the habit of crushing your fitness goals and sustaining them all year long.

XO Barre Body Studio - Calgary

3:36 pm

10 Steps to Success in Reaching Your Fitness Resolutions


Staying fit and losing weight is statistically the most common New Years resolution in 2016.  The good news is that 75% of people are able to achieve or maintain their resolutions in the first week after setting them. The bad news is that 8% are able to achieve their goals to complete satisfaction throughout the rest of the year. Lets work on raising those statistics this year, or at least make sure that BBS is in that top 8%. In order to do so, we have masterminded 10 simple steps to help you conquer those fitness goals and keep your motivation when the novelty of a resolution begins to wear off.

1) Make Your Goals Measurable – Being able to physically see or feel change is one of the greatest motivations. So instead of saying that your goal is to “get stronger" make your goal to go up a weight size during arm series or hold plank for 2 minutes during that max plank hold at the end of class. Keep track of your resolution by physical performance in barre class or at the gym. Another good example is, rather than making your resolution to “drink more water” set a measurable goal of how many L’s you want to drink per day. This way you can actually track your progress.

2) Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals - Make your goals challenging, yet achievable. Remember that this is a personal ambition, so create your own personal motivation, and from that will come personal accountability. One way to do this is by writing them down, and keeping it somewhere prominent. Daily reminders are always a good thing! If your goals are related to health and fitness, keeping a journal is a great strategy. Use this journal as a food and fitness log, also write down accomplishments and you can even log how you’re feeling about your resolutions.

3) Tell Your Friends About It – Share your resolutions with family and friends, you can also ask them about theirs! Nothing is possible without a solid support system. Your barretenders are a good place to start, we want to hear each and every one of those pretty little resolutions.

4) Use Social Media as a Tool – You’re obviously hip on the social scene if you’re reading our BBS blog... now get out there into cyberspace and utilize every social media outlet that you can to help you achieve your resolutions. Follow similar pages for motivational quotes, new exercises, and even some healthy recipes. Follow us on insta & twitter: @BarreBodyStudio

5) Find a Work Out Buddy – Okay we get it, despite our best efforts in step #2, sometimes we are not always the best motivators for ourselves… that’s where your barre bestie comes in. Find another person with similar goals to your own and push each other to stay on track. Plus, we do love our girl squads/ power duos @ the barre.

6) Get prepared – This step is SO important. If your resolution is to eat healthier, meal prep is key! Rid the pantry of all the junk, say goodbye to those Christmas cookies, and embrace the healthy eats week by week. If your resolution is to hit the barre more, book your classes in advance. At the beginning of the week sit down and book time in your schedule for yourself, then stick to it!

7) Treat Yourself – Choose a reward for yourself once you meet your goal, or any milestone towards your goal. There is always the classic “when I lose 10 pounds, I’m buying new clothes.” And while we love a good shopping spree, lets be real … you can be more creative then that! Promise yourself a weekend get away or a spa package or any thing else that is going to make you WORK!

8) Believe In Yourself – This might seem like and obvious one, but is it really? Pursue your resolution with confidence in yourself and your commitment to achieving your goals. Take pride in every accomplishment along the way. And most of all be proud of yourself! You are your #1 cheerleader!

9) Recommit To Your Goal - We are only human, sometimes we mess up and stray from those resolutions. Once you catch yourself wandering from that "new year, new me" mindset. Remember why you started, where you are going, and jump back in the game! Recommit everyday!

10) 30 in 45 Challenge - This one is specific to you barre babes! We know the perfect way to ring in 2016 ... 30 classes in 45 days, but of course. Starting on January 16, 2016, we are stoked to bring back the queen bee of all BBS challenges, are you ready for it? Stay posted to our blog and social media for more information.

Happy 2016 barrestars, this is going to be your year!

XO Barre Body Studio - Calgary