7:00 am

Form Friday – Water Ski

Water Ski is the queen-bee of multitasking! This tough position will trim and shape your inner and outer thighs, and create definition in your glutes, but it doesn’t stop there! Your upper body is being challenged to create that diagonal shape. Your body is supported entirely by your shoulder, arm and core strength – all of which are being sculpted throughout the series. Use these tips to get the most out of your Water Ski!

Start facing the barre with the hips touching the barre. Come into a rise with the heels squeezing together. With a strong grip, pull away from the barre with straight arms. Bend through the knees, squeeze the glutes and lift the hips up towards the barre. The body will create a 45-degree angle from the chest to knees. Lift your gaze and engage the core. Now lets move. As you lower through your plié keep the knees tracking over the toes and engage the inner thighs and quads. Lifting through plié, tuck the hips up to the barre by engaging the glutes and hamstrings.

Let’s review...


5:35 pm

Barre Favs: Post Barre Patios

Though we usually try to keep things light (and tight!), we at BBS take our patio visits quite seriously. Part (ok, most) of the reason we barre so hard is so we can chill equally as hard in the glorious Calgary heat afterwards without experiencing any guilt. So next time the sun is shining and you’ve put in a decent amount of sweat equity, check out one or tender's picks for the city’s best patios and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the odd BBS team member doing the same.


National. 17th and 8th Ave both have great outdoor spaces. -Mackenzie

Corbeaux Bakehouse -Adriana The rooftop of Starbucks on 4th Street & The Toad and Turtle -Tara

Vin Room on 4th Street -Stacie

Oj's -Ashley G.

Ox & Angela or The Living Room -Marlo

National on 8th's rooftop patio or Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila house (they have the best $5 Margaritas during happy hour) -Britt

Boxwood in Central Memorial Park of the Wildrose Brewery -Pauline

National on 17th & The Ship -Amber

National on 17th -Jenna

80th and Ivy's all you can eat brunch buffet! -Jenna

Wurst. All the cute little lights overhead do it for me. -Hillary

I can make a mean Arnold Palmer (sweet tea vodka, fresh squeezed lemon and lemonade) or a dark rum and diet coke with lime, or white wine on my own or a good friend’s deck. -Katrina

My deck! But for a public one I would have to say the Cactus Club -Emma

Los Chilitos on 17th -Toni  

See you at the barre (and then maybe an outdoor bar), beauties!