Barre Star Hall of Fame: Courtney Whitney

It’s been a year since 26-year-old Courtney Whitney hit the barre for the first time and she’s still feeling the burn and loving every minute of it. This Cochrane, Alberta native signed up for the 25 in 35 Challenge this past January in hopes of kick-starting her practice from a few days a week to a full on daily barre addiction and she did just that! “Not only did the challenge get me into more classes each week, but it got me addicted to the Master Classes!” Courtney explains of her challenge outcome. So what’s next for this certified barre addict now that she whooped the challenge’s behind? “Now I’m looking to improve my cardio (with severe asthma, it is a life-long challenge) and flatten my tummy,” she explains. “My next step will be adding in 1/week yoga to my current barre / personal training regime combo.” Sounds like a well constructed plan to us, girl! Can’t wait to see the results continue to roll in.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Courtney:


What was your original motivation for signing up for the challenge?

My motivation behind the challenge was to push myself beyond just coming to class a couple times a week. I've been coming to barre for almost a year and I just had to see if I could really come five times a week for five weeks! The other motivation, of course, was to just say that I did it. I think it was the first time I've ever accomplished a New Year's resolution. My other motivation was all of my friends and family cheering me on while I was completing it. I loved the texts, "So have you been to barre yet today?"

What was the hardest part of this challenge?

The hardest part of this challenge was balancing my work, school and work out schedule every week. I couldn't follow a consistent day and class time every week so I got to try a variety of class times and instructors. Turns out this was actually for the best because I met so many great gals who all have different styles and it really spiced up my routine and made it easier to get through the whole five weeks.

Tell us about those free weights that everyone loves to hate?

Well, my original weight goal was to consistently use 3lbs weights by the end of the challenge. It took me about the weeks, but now I am a consistent 3lbs girl (and I can do tricep dips on the floor)! When Marlo made us take 5lbs weights at the Master Class about halfway through the challenge, I thought I was going to die, but it was a really great to see that I could push my body for one class that hard. I think I'm probably due for another 5lbs challenge!

What are your favourite results from taking part in a BBS challenge?

My favorite result has been just feeling physically great, mentally alert and being able to do normal activities again. Having severe asthma, it's not easy doing cardio workouts and it takes a long time for my lungs to get used to regular physical activity. This ski season, I actually outlasted my athletic friends on the hill, though! I also love how great my butt looks! I know, super cheesy, but it really does look great!

Next goal: working on my cardio blasts!