Barre Star Hall of Fame: Stephanie Smith

With more than 450 classes under her belt (she hit that milestone last month), it’s fairly safe to say that Stephanie Smith is a legitimate barre addict. Especially true when it comes to BBS’s commitment-testing challenges. Partaking in every challenge since the studio opened more than two years ago, this super-fit 40-year-old has demonstrated her commitment to the barre burn many times over.  Here’s what this BBS Hall of Famer has to say about her challenging experiences to date:


“Motivation can be so different for everyone. I have always been an active person, but I am not the type of individual who can self-motivate when it comes to exercise. I’ve had gym memberships in the past, but have always struggled with what to do once I get there. I would stand around, look at the machines, try a couple out. Not really push myself because I didn’t understand how each machine was supposed to work or train my body; and wished there was someone there to just tell me what to do. Trainer led, group exercise has always been the most successful for me. The combination of weight training, ballet, yoga, great tunes and high energy leadership makes Barre a win-win-win-win-win for me!

Therefore, the barre tenders, the other participants and my desire to maintain a healthy relationship with exercise was my motivation to participate in this past winter’s 20 in 30 Challenge (and all the ones before it!). The hardest part of course was squeezing in all the classes, but as with anything, if you don’t love it and if it’s not convenient, you won’t do it. The class schedule at Barre Body Studio is diverse enough throughout the day and weekend to suit my needs; it’s almost easier to go to class then not to (and I love it!).

And if there is a sticker, or a wall chart involved look out! There is nothing more motivating than group commitment and some healthy competition—even if your biggest opponent is yourself (or the sofa, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and a bag of peanut M&M’s, as the case may be). I’ve enjoyed the challenges very much, and the results were more than just my “obviously” tighter tushy. It was a great way to refocus and renew the commitment I made to myself and my fitness.I can’t wait for the next one!”