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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Courtney Whitney

It’s been a year since 26-year-old Courtney Whitney hit the barre for the first time and she’s still feeling the burn and loving every minute of it. This Cochrane, Alberta native signed up for the 25 in 35 Challenge this past January in hopes of kick-starting her practice from a few days a week to a full on daily barre addiction and she did just that! “Not only did the challenge get me into more classes each week, but it got me addicted to the Master Classes!” Courtney explains of her challenge outcome. So what’s next for this certified barre addict now that she whooped the challenge’s behind? “Now I’m looking to improve my cardio (with severe asthma, it is a life-long challenge) and flatten my tummy,” she explains. “My next step will be adding in 1/week yoga to my current barre / personal training regime combo.” Sounds like a well constructed plan to us, girl! Can’t wait to see the results continue to roll in.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Courtney:


What was your original motivation for signing up for the challenge?

My motivation behind the challenge was to push myself beyond just coming to class a couple times a week. I've been coming to barre for almost a year and I just had to see if I could really come five times a week for five weeks! The other motivation, of course, was to just say that I did it. I think it was the first time I've ever accomplished a New Year's resolution. My other motivation was all of my friends and family cheering me on while I was completing it. I loved the texts, "So have you been to barre yet today?"

What was the hardest part of this challenge?

The hardest part of this challenge was balancing my work, school and work out schedule every week. I couldn't follow a consistent day and class time every week so I got to try a variety of class times and instructors. Turns out this was actually for the best because I met so many great gals who all have different styles and it really spiced up my routine and made it easier to get through the whole five weeks.

Tell us about those free weights that everyone loves to hate?

Well, my original weight goal was to consistently use 3lbs weights by the end of the challenge. It took me about the weeks, but now I am a consistent 3lbs girl (and I can do tricep dips on the floor)! When Marlo made us take 5lbs weights at the Master Class about halfway through the challenge, I thought I was going to die, but it was a really great to see that I could push my body for one class that hard. I think I'm probably due for another 5lbs challenge!

What are your favourite results from taking part in a BBS challenge?

My favorite result has been just feeling physically great, mentally alert and being able to do normal activities again. Having severe asthma, it's not easy doing cardio workouts and it takes a long time for my lungs to get used to regular physical activity. This ski season, I actually outlasted my athletic friends on the hill, though! I also love how great my butt looks! I know, super cheesy, but it really does look great!

Next goal: working on my cardio blasts!

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Two Really Is Better Than One


You’ve heard the rumours and yes, barre beauties, they are true! This June BBS will be opening our second studio at 4251 Bow Trail S.W. So we can have twice the fun and tone twice as many sets of buns this summer!

And since we’re so excited about this next step for the BBS crew that we are rolling out pre-sale deals like never before.

From May 1st to June 1st, brand new and regular clients alike can score some major value on their pulse-pulse-plie fix.

New clients will do well to add an Intro Pass to their shopping cart. $65 for 40 days unlimited classes—10 extra days for the same low price.

And for our regular barre beauties, all 10 Class Card 10% off, 20 Class Card 15% off and the Auto Pay membership (unlimited monthly classes) are just $130 a month!

Obviously plenty of questions will spring to mind about this exciting new expansion, so we've put together a few insights to help answer them all as soon as possible.

  •  Is there parking? Yes, the building has approximately 20 stalls out front of the studio and the street parking around the studio is all 2 hour free parking.

  •  Are my class card/monthly membership/single drop in classes transferrable? Yes, all passes are transferrable between both locations HOWEVER passes bought during the PRE-SALE will only be valid (at both locations) upon opening of Bow Trail (early June).

  •  Are socks required at the new studio? Yes, the same dress code is in effect. We recommend yoga-ish wear (capris, tights and a tank with grip socks). Socks are mandatory and can be purchased in studio or at places like Chapters, London Drugs etc.

  •  What amenities does the Bow Trail location have? The new location will be stocked with all of the same great amenities that you have come to love at the Ramsay studio aka. showers, towels, lockers, mats, filtered water, blow dryers, parking, with boutique items available for purchase like Cru Juice, Fuel Barres, bottled water, and fitness apparel items. Sorry, no child care.

  •  What classes are suitable for beginners? All classes are a blend of yoga, pilates, and dance. Check out our website for class descriptions here. BBS classes are low-impact and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. (Must be 12 and older to attend)

  •  When can I start to use my Pre-sale passes and how long are they valid for after purchase? Pre-sale passes are available for discounted pricing up to June 1st. These passes are valid at both Ramsay and Bow Trail but will not activate until BBS Bow Trail has opened (early June – check back for a confirmed date or join our mailing list)

  • Will my favourite instructors be teaching at both studios? Yes, you will find that most instructors will be teaching at both locations. Check the schedule to find dates and times and make a date with your favourite barre tender.

We're bursting with excitement and we hope you are too, beauties. We'll see you very soon at our brand new barre! xxo, The BBS Crew

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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Stephanie Smith

With more than 450 classes under her belt (she hit that milestone last month), it’s fairly safe to say that Stephanie Smith is a legitimate barre addict. Especially true when it comes to BBS’s commitment-testing challenges. Partaking in every challenge since the studio opened more than two years ago, this super-fit 40-year-old has demonstrated her commitment to the barre burn many times over.  Here’s what this BBS Hall of Famer has to say about her challenging experiences to date:


“Motivation can be so different for everyone. I have always been an active person, but I am not the type of individual who can self-motivate when it comes to exercise. I’ve had gym memberships in the past, but have always struggled with what to do once I get there. I would stand around, look at the machines, try a couple out. Not really push myself because I didn’t understand how each machine was supposed to work or train my body; and wished there was someone there to just tell me what to do. Trainer led, group exercise has always been the most successful for me. The combination of weight training, ballet, yoga, great tunes and high energy leadership makes Barre a win-win-win-win-win for me!

Therefore, the barre tenders, the other participants and my desire to maintain a healthy relationship with exercise was my motivation to participate in this past winter’s 20 in 30 Challenge (and all the ones before it!). The hardest part of course was squeezing in all the classes, but as with anything, if you don’t love it and if it’s not convenient, you won’t do it. The class schedule at Barre Body Studio is diverse enough throughout the day and weekend to suit my needs; it’s almost easier to go to class then not to (and I love it!).

And if there is a sticker, or a wall chart involved look out! There is nothing more motivating than group commitment and some healthy competition—even if your biggest opponent is yourself (or the sofa, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and a bag of peanut M&M’s, as the case may be). I’ve enjoyed the challenges very much, and the results were more than just my “obviously” tighter tushy. It was a great way to refocus and renew the commitment I made to myself and my fitness.I can’t wait for the next one!”