Bangin' Backsides Coming Right Up!

Let’s be honest: Booties are the new boobies. At least pop culturally speaking, anyway. From J.Lo and Nikki to Kim K Iggy, there’s no denying that the emphasis is on packing some perky junk in your trunk these days. And you know what? We dig it. At least the glutes are any area of the body that we can shape and build without having to resort to augmentation (or stuffing!).


With sculpting a bodacious booty in mind, we’re introducing our BBS Bangin' Backside class starts May 6th. Led by two of our enviably bootylicious beauties,  Adriana and Libby on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively,  this class format is designed specifically to achieve a higher, tighter, rounder butt. We'll run you through the BBS format you know and love, but with extra emphasis on sculpting your seat, toning your hamstrings, and strengthening your back. You’re going to love to hate it, barre stars!

To give you a jumpstart on your tush toning, however, we’ve gathered the top butt blasting tips from some of our BBS tenders. No need to wait until May to start building that backside in time for skimpy summer shorts and bikinis!

Marlo: The original barre star relies on lots of water and two signature moves to pump up her posterior. “I rely on the BBS Little Bridge with weights and Side 'L' H*ll, as Adriana calls it,” she says.

Johanna: “Move through poses with intention and a little slower than you want, so that you can really feel the muscles that are actived and firing up,” says Johanna. “Breath deeply while focusing on the target muscles.  Oh, and smile!”

Emma: When I am trying to get summer (or vacation) ready, I just put a little more focus into eating right and working out more. I unfortunately have no secret tricks other than hard work! I make sure that I eat a healthy breakfast, usually bring a salad to work for lunch as well as plenty of snacks so I am not tempted by all the chocolate and baked goods we get, which I am only successful at avoiding a small fraction of the time. Dinner is usually some form of protein and lots of veggies.

As for working out, I teach three barre classes a week and try to take two on top of that (because it is the best workout ever!) as well as one or two spin classes per week. I've tried all of the diets out there and restricting just doesn't work for me. If I know that I am not "allowed" something then I just want it more. I try to live by the 80-20 rule: eat healthy 80% of the time, but when I have a craving I indulge it with something small so I don't feel cheated out of life :) Oh! Also I looooove water. I keep a 1.5L water bottle on my desk and drink at least one, if not two, a day.

Danna: Danna takes a no pain, no gain approach to booty building—and that’s why we love her! Her top tips:

  1. Work your booty till it hurts HARD

  2. Barre, running, yoga, spin all make my booty hurt HARD, so moderation and modification are key!

  3. Play HARD, work HARD and fun HARD

Yes, ma’am!

Amber: Be outside as much as you can, walking, running, biking, anything you enjoy. Any opportunity you have to move above and beyond your regular workout routine is a bonus!

Stacie: My booty sculpting fave is lunges, with tiny pulses, of course! Working flexibility, strength and balance. They are like the perfect man!

Ashley: Embrace the bridge! Try adding weights for an added challenge and squeeze that booty!

Lauren: Quit the comparisons. It is truly detrimental to becoming the best version of yourself.

Be KIND TO YOURSELF and all of our Barre Stars. The more fun we can all have together and the more we can support each other—the closer we will all get to our goals!

Take a few minutes (at any point in the day) to connect with your breathe and find stillness. Even a few minutes a day can be transformative for your mental, emotional and physical health.

Keep pulsing and plie-ing with dedication and focus and with time that booty will be exactly where you want it!

Meet y'all at the barre, xxo