8:00 am

Form Friday – Foot Placement

Maintaining proper alignment of the feet in barre class is very important. The feet must be balanced and sturdy to support the legs, spine, arms and head. If your base is tilted or collapsed, a reflection of this will appear up through the rest of the body. Problems in the lower body have a way of working their way up, causing issues and even injury in the knees, hips, back, etc. Barre classes are safe and effective because we strive to move with an awareness of what our body is doing (that Mind Body Connection we talk about every class).

The position of the foot is determined by the rotation of the top of the thighbone in the hip socket. Your knees and ankles should always track in the same direction as your feet. Your weight should be evenly distributed between all five toes to avoid rolling inward or outward with the feet and ankles. Over pronation, when your ankles collapse in, distributes your weight unevenly. It is one of the most common foot misalignments. Over supination, when your ankles collapse out, reduces the body's natural shock absorbing capability. We are striving to maintain the foot and ankle in a straight line with the weight evenly distributed.

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