BBS Goals for 2015 (and how to stick with them) Part 1


We're a few days into 2015 now and, well, this is usually when all those good intentioned resolution-based behaviours start to slip a bit. Whether you’ve set an intention to hydrate like an all-star, nourish your body with whole food and movement or make more time for rest and relaxation, all of these resolutions are great ideas. The problem with adhering to them for the long haul often lies with tying these healthy behaviours to a specific date on the calendar—one that has a certain deal of pressure attached to it. This isn’t to say that the BBS team isn’t all for overhauling one’s health and wellness routine for the better. Each member of the team has a few goals they are setting for this year, but we like to think there’s a difference between a goal and a resolution. And since the whole BBS community is killer at crushing goals, 2015 is sure to be an incredible year of accomplishments. We caught up with all your favourite barretenders (find half below and the other half to follow next week) to get the scoop on what ambitions they are chasing this year and their best advice for sticking with it when the going gets rough. Happy New Year, team!

Pauline: My goal for 2015 is to continue to find balance while living and pursuing (and loving!) the many changes in my life! For me, the key to sticking with a goal/resolution is to write it down along with a tiny bit about why it is important to you. This way when the going gets tough, you can go back to what you wrote to yourself when you were in a calmer frame of mind, thinking more about the big picture and likely being more objective about your goals!

Stacie: To take 20 minutes for myself every day to stretch and breathe deeply. Life gets busy so I'm going to make sure to put it in my calendar and keep the date with myself. If I miss a day, no big deal, just forgive myself and hop right back into it.

Marlo: Drink more water! Water, water, water - especially as a new mom. I plan to stick with this by using the water app on my phone, which acts as a good reminder to make sure I am getting my daily dose. That said, don't get attached to "resolutions"; setting intentions is healthy and making change is a journey.

Lindsay: My goal is to increase my intake of lean protein and vegetables and to cut my sodium consumption to 1, 200mg per day. My stick to it I have started to make an extra salad at dinner for the next day and have found new sources of lean protein to incorporate into daytime snacks.

Adriana: My 2015 goal is to go to the mountains at least once a month. Shawn and I have made a standing date to go eat, hike, or camp in the mountains one Sunday ever month. A scheduled event and a partner to do it with will help me to stick to the program.

Nori: My goal this year is to tone, tone, tone! When the going gets tough I like to post pictures around the house related to my goal. Healthy women who have obviously worked hard to get their physiques only. Not pretty posed pictures, but rather the kind of pictures from Shape Magazine that are of women post-workout and covered in sweat.  They remind me that my goal is hard work and not some photoshopped fantasy.

Amber: My goals for 2015 are to eat healthier (by snacking less), get better at skiing, use my bike more in the summer and when things get stressful, take time for a break! My tip when the going gets tough is to let yourself have a bad day or a couple bad days at a time. Get back on track when you know you're ready and will feel successful.