5:27 pm

35-Day Barre Body Studio Challenge


New year, new challenge. Kick off 2015 with a bang by registering for the BBS 35 in 2015 challenge. The challenge will run from January 15th to February 18th, 2015 (20+15 = 35 days in 2015). You, barre star, consistently amaze us by stepping up day after day with determined focus in class. Whether you're jumping back in the fitness saddle or ready push your limits, our new challenge is an awesome way to start the year off right.
For the 35 in 2015 challenge your goal is to attend 5 classes per week in 35 days (total of 25 classes in 35 days). One class per day counts toward your challenge goal. You can use your current monthly unlimited pass or purchase a special 25 class challenge pass. Registration is $45 that will be returned to your account as studio credit upon completion of the challenge.
Challenge finishers are entered in a drawing to win:
  • One Month Unlimited Pass,
  • One on One Private w/ instructor of choice,
  • Two BBS Apparel Items,
  • Tavi Noir Grips Socks, &
  • 3 Day CRU Juice Cleanse.
Space is limited to 75 participants.

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2:20 pm

BBS Foundation Workshop


Have you been attending barre classes but feel as though you are still not getting the most of your workouts? Are you experiencing any discomfort or pain when preforming some of the exercises? Or do you simple want to review the founding functional movements of the Barre Body Studio method? If you answered yes to any of these questions this is the workshop for you.


The Barre Body Studio method was developed with the guiding assistance of Dr. Andrea Sargent to ensure the exercises that we use are safe, functional and affective. During this one hour session we will review the bio-mechanics of your body with Dr. Andrea and learn how this relates to the postures or sequences we use in each class. Dr. Andrea will spend time reviewing the neutral spine and discussing questions about knee pain, tight hip flexors. Understanding how these movements relate to your body and knowing how to modify, when necessary, will allow you to take your classes, experience, and results to the next level.

This workshop is open to all participants. We strongly encourage new comers to attend within the first month of joining classes.

Dr. Andrea Sargent is a chiropractor with a practice focused on functional movement, rehabilitation and biomechanics. For more information please visit: www.drandreasargent.com

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