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Fit Tips From The BBS Team

We all get stuck in little workout ruts from time to time. You know those periods where you just need a little extra push or burst of inspiration to get yourself in gear and make your fitness a priority. The subzero temperatures and hefty snowfall certainly hasn’t helped matters, but regardless, all of the barre stars participating in our 20 in 30 Challenge have been crushing it. The BBS team has been sending out little bits of motivation via email to the challenge participants, but we thought all of our BBS members could use a dose this week. Here are our best strategies for staying passionate and committed to your goals, even during the most festive (and distracting) time of year. Feel free to share any tips of your own in the comments section and we hope to see you all soon for a healthy dose of pulse-pulse-plie!

Don't work out too hard, too fast: If you were over zealous with your goal understand that it is okay. It is better to scale down your workouts and do what you can do. Remember it is better to work out 2-3 days a week for life than to work out 6-7 days a week for a couple of weeks, every now and again. Consistency is key.

Schedule your workouts on your calendar as if they were any other important appointment: Scheduling your workouts will help you to balance your exercise program with family, work and social activities. You will have long term fitness success if you schedule fitness into your current lifestyle. A little is always better than NONE.

Stay off the scales:The number on the scale does not measure your strength or fitness. That is why we partnered with Natural Way Chiropractic to measure your body composition. As you lose fat and gain muscle, you will notice that your clothes fit looser but the scale might not shift all that much.

Choose a role model:Ask a Barre Body Studio instructor or other fitness professional for advice pertaining to how you can most effectively reach your goals.

Keep a fitness journal: Chart how you feel each day after a workout. Identify a shift in mood and energy. Record the progress you have made in terms of strength, cardio endurance and flexibility. Journaling your progress is a great tool that can help keep you inspired to stay committed even on off days.

Give yourself a little leeway: It is okay if you miss a workout. Setbacks are normal. The important thing is to be kind to yourself and to get back on track. The quicker you get back on track, the quicker you will reach your goals.

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Form Friday - Fold Over

Fold Over on the barre can be uncomfortable, as we all know! It takes strength and proper body positioning to ease through a full set of this exercise! Read on to set it up right and you’ll be on your way to a strong core and tush in no time!

Start facing the barre and separate the hands a little wider than the shoulders. Walk back until the arms are fully extended, the torso is parallel to the floor and hips are directly on top of the ankles. This position can also be set up with the forearms on the barre, and the forehead resting on the arms which will offer more support to the neck and low back (we all need a little more support from time to time). Feet are parallel and hip distance apart. It is important to start in a neutral spine with the core engaged, breathing into the low back. Taking the time to set this up will keep your spine fully protected and prevent back injuries! Draw the shoulder blades down, with the collarbones wide and the upper back soft.

Starting in the right glute, soften through your left knee and extend the right leg back behind you. Toes can be pointed or flexed and the leg is straight, stretching the back of the knee. Squeeze the glutes to lift & lower the leg behind you. Hips stay level and are square to the floor. Starting with the leg low behind you will help to keep the glutes engaged and the movements controlled. As you get stronger you can work to lift the leg higher yet the working leg should never lift higher than the hips.
Take these tips to the barre with you the next time you are in class to tighten and tone that tush!
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Meal Challenge with food. fitness. function.


Are you ready to look and feel your best this Holiday Season? Jumpstart your weight loss, improve your muscle tone, decrease your stomach bloating and increase your strength by challenging your fitness and eating a clean diet for the month of November!

You may have already committed to completing 20 barre classes in 30 days, so why not challenge yourself even further by committing to a month of healthy, delicious, clean meals? Combining your increased physical activity with a healthy diet can better help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Challenge your eating by removing those processed foods that contain sugar, gluten, and dairy. Replacing the fast food and highly processed food with natural fruits, vegetables, lean animal proteins, beans, seeds, nuts and limited whole grains will have you feeling and looking your best!

This meal plan includes easy step by step formulas for each meal that allows you to choose what foods you like best from a list. To keep some variety in your diet there are two meal formulas for each meal. For breakfast you can enjoy a delicious smoothie or a whole grain oatmeal blend. Eat your lunch hot or cold by having a warming homemade soup or big refreshing salad. Dinner allows you to be creative and gives you plenty of foods that you can either sauté for a quick meal or bake in the oven. All the meals are customizable so you can make any meal vegetarian or vegan.


    What’s included:
  • 6 recipes for each breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 5 cheat meals are permitted so you can enjoy your Holiday parties
  • Snacking options and guidelines
  • Plenty of information on water requirements and herbal tea suggestions to help improve digestion
  • No-No foods list
  • Calendar to track your barre classes, cheat meals and meal guidelines
  • Free nutrition seminar November 15th to further discuss program and answer questions
  • Continued support throughout month

Please join Elissa November 15th at 12:30 PM to understand what foods we should be eating to help us reduce our bloating and feel our best. The meal plan will be discussed in great detail so please come with questions.

Sign up now for the meal plan so you can start your clean eating day 1 of the challenge!

Please email elissa@foodfitnessfunction.com to pay for meal plan
Elissa, BSc, PTS, CHC

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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Andy Kinsman

Ladies and gents, let us be the first to introduce you to our latest BBS Hall of Fame inductee, Andy! (well, at least meet her story—she wanted to keep her face out of things). It was a charitable bid (and dreams of a tutu) that brought her into the studio originally, but now she's a certified addict and has the strength and confidence to prove it! Congratulations in all that you've accomplished so far, Andy, we're very proud and love the positivity and humour you bring to your practice. Now it's probably time to make that tutu-sporting dream come true! ;)
What was your life like before you started attending BBS? Have you always been into fitness or was barre the start of something new for you?

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I swam competitively in high school and was Alberta’s first female on an all-male underwater hockey team. Yup, I had fun.

When younger, our kids trained every weekend with Alberta Freestyle. I was never great at skiing, so 11 years ago I took up snowboarding. It felt more like waterskiing and reminded me of the water sports I love. Unfortunately, years of step aerobics and bad genes lead to double knee surgery in 2011 and 2012. This coincided with my choice to end my teaching career and a torn rotator cuff and so with a combination of time and self-pity, I nibbled my way to a weight gain of 30 pounds.


How did you originally come across Barre Body Studio?

In 2012 my daughter and I attended a Calgary Humane Society fundraiser and as I love animals (sometimes more than grumpy people), I bid on a few items.  The most promising for me contained the word “ballet” and was a series of barre classes.  Being of the endomorph body type (built for strength) and definitely not the ectomorph ( long and lean), the notion (however incorrect) of being able to wear a tutu was intoxicating! Oops—got that one wrong.  

What was it exactly that made you become a barre addict?

My journey at Barre Body Studio has not been one of instant transformation, but rather gradual confidence. Initially, I was intimidated and experienced self-doubt. I started once, then twice a week. I combined this with swimming laps and snowboarding. It has only been in the last 6 months that I have built enough strength surrounding all my damaged muscles to graduate to five or six classes at barre per week.  This is when the changes came. 

Yes, the weight is s-l-o-w-l-y coming off (think like the speed of dripping molasses!!), but more so I feel my strength and endurance and I see muscles emerging. I think I’m probably 70 percent there, but honestly, I love the journey.  It was never about a magical total overhaul, just about being a strong woman.  It took a very long time for this tomboy to get the girlie pliés right and I am always happy for a tweaking here and there from the barre tenders. 

What has surprised you about your time at BBS?

An unexpected outcome has been all the lovely friends I have made.  These women are supportive and kind and there are classes I can feel their positivity radiating into my own workout.  Yes, my competitive nature kicks in a bit but their strength has fuelled my drive to be better! Watching their bodies change has been so inspirational.  As well, my husband and I attend barre Sundays together as a dating event.  He’s a mountain-biker and spinner and so this really helps his hips.  Ask me how checking him out in class makes me blush!

What position do you love to hate most?

I’m not going to lie; I will never love jumpy cardio as I’m always fearful of my knees but I have learned to make adaptations that cater to them.  I absolutely adore all abdominal work, bridge with butterfly and the attitude/wrap-around tree series at the barre.  Please don’t ask me to comment on plank with movement patterns though.  If you look closely, you’ll see my nose scrunched up at the mere suggestion!