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Form Friday – Chair

Chair pose is the pose you LOVE to hate in class. It burns, you shake, and it tones your thighs like none other. Keep these tips in mind when performing chair pose!

Start stepping in nice and close to the barre, with your hips almost touching the barre. Hips should be stacked over your ankles to start. Send your weight back through your heels and pull away from the barre, sitting down, as if into a chair. Press down through your heels to feel your hamstrings really engage. Your arms should be straight, your shoulders should be back and down and your chest open. This creates a great stretch across your chest and shoulders. Focus on opening the chest and driving the shoulders down. Lengthen through the crown of your head and pull your head into a neutral position. Your shoulders should be stacked right over your hips, (no bums sticking out!!) your tailbone should be slightly tucked, which means that your core is engaged throughout chair. Make sure your knees are stacked right over you ankles and your knees stay in line with your toes.

Once you’ve mastered this position with your heels down, you can shift your weight to the balls of your feet and lift your heels. This is a variation of chair targeting the quads more. Lift your heels as high as you can to challenge your quads and calves. Knowing all of these wonderful benefits won’t make chair any easier, but hopefully it helps motivate you to hold the pose longer, to push yourself deeper and deeper each time.

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4:40 pm

Mommy & Me Barre Class

Mommy & Me Barre Class

Mommy & Me is coming this fall to BBS and we can’t wait to share that sweet barre burn with you and your new baby!

Mommy & Me is a post-natal barre class designed to give new moms a dynamic barre workout with their babies safely nestled into their own carriers.

Starting on Wednesday, September 17th and running each Wednesday until October 29th, our new, 7-week pre-registered class will not only offer you a fantastic workout but an activity you and your new baby can enjoy together! Classes will be held each Wednesday from 10:50am to 11:40am; and don’t fret if your little one fusses or cries during classes, it will likely happen to all of us!

Pre-registration before September 1st, 2014: $133

Registration cost after September 1st, 2014: $143

Babies must be under 7 months old and not crawling. For everyone’s safety, your baby must be in a wrap/body carrier while you are enjoying the class, or on the mat for the floor series. Carriers are not provided.

Meet you at the barre, momma.