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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Rockstar Rhonda

Before 23-year-old barre addict, Rhonda Law, was introduced to BBS by her work colleague, most of her evenings involved marathons. Netflix marathons, that is, accompanied by Doritos. After just one class, she was hooked (we have that effect on people) and now her workout regime consists of seven pulsing, burning, butt-sculpting classes a week. Plus, now she really does train for marathons. Like, the running kind! Congratulations on your incredible transformation Rhonda, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.


How did you first come across barre?

I was introduced to barre by my friend and co-worker, Brittni Marshall, who was pulsing and plié-ing in the middle of our office shouting, "I did one barre class—now I think I'm a ballerina!" I accompanied her to a Barre Body Fit class in March and, just like she was, I was instantly hooked.

What was it about this for of exercise that made you an instant addict?

I love how upbeat barre is. From the music to the fabulous instructors. The barre tenders are so enthusiastic and motivating. I think it is amazing that their job is to encourage individuals to become healthier, happier and stronger. It’s so uplifting to be in a studio full of positivity. I won’t lie, I also love how quickly the physical results come.

How have you and/or your lifestyle changed since barre became a part of your life?

I work as a mental health outreach nurse. I love my job because it is riveting and rewarding, but it can be very demanding at times. Barre is an hour out of my day where I can sweat and pulse out any stress and focus on simply taking care of myself. It allows me to leave my problems at the barre, and walk away feeling rejuvenated. Barre has taught me the importance of caring for myself. If I don't take care of myself, how do I effectively take care of my clients, friends, and family?

I also believe in practising what I preach. If I am encouraging my clients to eat healthier and exercise more regularly, it is important that I lead by example. And as added bonus, I have lost 25 lbs since I incorporated barre into my daily routine.

What goals have you accomplished since starting with BBS?

I ran my fastest marathon this year at the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon, shaving almost a full hour off my 2013 time. I recommend every runner to cross-train with barre. Since starting barre, my legs feel stronger, hills feel smaller and the miles seem shorter.

What future goals are you now looking to tackle?

I would like to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. Dream big!


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Barre Star Hall of Fame: Knockout Nicky!

For barre star, Nicky Bespalko (soon to be Seright!), finding BBS not only meant major changes in her bod and physical strength, but also convinced her that sometimes less training really can be more. Congratulations Nicky! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.


What was life like for you before you stumbled upon Barre Body Studio?  

Over the last number of years I have been committed to eating healthier and working out.  My workouts usually consisted of following various types of videos at home. I have always liked working out at home being that I get home and get it done and there is no extra time traveling to and from the gym. What I have now realized with Barre is that if you love something enough the travel time is nothing and have to admit that I do push myself more when in a class with an instructor.

How did you first come across barre and when was that?  

I had been seeing things about barre in general online back in December and was gonna try a class with a trainer I had worked with in the past, but then I came across the amazing deal of two weeks unlimited at BBS and had to try it.

What was it that made you an addict?

I have to admit I was addicted after the first day!  And that was Jill's Blast Class!  I love everything about barre. The fact that it is an overall body workout and that it targets toning and strengthening of the smaller underlying muscles. It is fun, challenging and upbeat!  I always leave class feeling energized and with a much clearer mind than when I came in.

What is your current workout regime like?

Up until I found barre I always tried to get in three to five workouts a week. Last year I trained for seven months and ran my first race, a half marathon in June. It terrified me when I signed up for it, I thought, “how will I ever do this?” Well I did, and after seven long months of training and many many miles ran, I realized that that type of exercise was not for me or for my body.

I have seen more of a change in my body and strength since starting Barre in January than I ever have before with any other kind of workout. I love to hit the Barre at least four times a week and try for five whenever I can.

How have you and your lifestyle changed since barre became a part of your life?

I think the biggest change (minus the 4 and a 1/2 inches off of my hips) is the fact that I have found a form of exercise that both my body and mind love. It still amazes me how fast the hour goes and how good that burn feels. I’ve also met some wonderful ladies as well!

What goals have you accomplished since starting with BBS?  

I’ve seen in increase in strength and endurance and and can see positive changes in my body which is always great incentive to keep going.

What future goals are you now looking to tackle?  

To keep it one day at a time and for as long as my schedule allows to get in as many classes as I can per week. To keep working towards toning and tightening.  

Any final thoughts to share with all the other BBS enthusiasts out there?

I would love to just say how incredible the studio and all the instructors are!  I love how every instructor brings such a unique spin to every class. Adrianna's Burt Reynolds (ouch!) and her awesome humour, Lindsay's excellent detailed instruction on position throughout the whole class, Susan's fun energy!, Jill's drive and constant push through class, Toni's serene nature while still making it burn!, Jackie's positive reflections on the day, and I have attended one of Marlo's classes but I felt that one for days afterwards!  Thanks Ladies!


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Form Friday – Second Position Plié

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.20.50 AM
You too can have this carved out seat by practicing proper form in second position plié!

Second position plié or wide squat is an amazing exercise that tones the legs, particularly the back side! But as always, proper form is the key to targeting the appropriate muscles and keeping your body safe from injury.

Start by aligning your ankles underneath your knees, rock back onto your heels allowing your feet to open naturally, your toes should be slightly pointed towards the corners of the room and knees should follow the same direction. Rise up onto the balls of the feet and ensure all 10 toes touch the floor. The weight should be in the middle of the foot rather than in the big toes. Press the balls of the feet into the floor and squeeze the sitz bones together. **If you have a hard time finding the squeeze in your glutes grad the instructor before class to help you locate this crucial spot. Your hamstrings and outer thigh muscles will also engage to hold your knees open and in align with the toes. Lots going on here.

Your shoulders should be stacked over top of your hips and continue to lengthen through the top of the head by pulling the chin into a neutral position. Now lift through the chest and roll the shoulders down and back. Gently rest one hand on the barre and your opposite hand will rest on the hip.

Let’s review...

Barre Body Form Friday 2nd Position

Now it’s time to move! As you lower down continue to squeeze your sitz bones towards one another while engaging the glutes. Press outward with the balls of the feet. As you rise back up continue to squeeze through the sitz bones and glutes while pressing the balls of the feet into the floor as though you were trying to drag them towards one another, this will help to activate your inner thighs and help maintain the muscle activation in the back of the legs. Remember to modify when you need to by dropping the heels to the floor. Keep the mind body connection to feel the intense burn throughout the series!