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Private Dancers?

barre class

Hitting up a bar with your girlfriends or colleagues usually leads to a decent amount of fun, but hitting up the barre for a private event pretty much guarantees an event none of you will ever forget. Lately we’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about whether we ever rent out our space and the answer is a resounding, yes! Be it a bachelorette party, a birthday or a corporate event, BBS is more than happy to schedule private classes with one of our AMAZING barre-tenders (maybe even two if there’s enough of you) and let you borrow our space afterwards for a little celebration (cupcakes are pretty much always encouraged!).

Whether you’re looking to expose your team to your favourite tush tightening pass time, or you’ve been waiting to give barre a try and think a special occasion is the perfect time we’d be happy to help you plan your soiree. For more details or to inquire about bookings contact us at 403-720-6635 or drop us a line at calgary@barrebodystudio.com. Let’s party, barre beauties!

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BBS Instructor Training: Levels I & II - Calgary, Alberta


Have you ever felt the urge to put on the mic, even if it is just to sing a little Beyoncé? Well we have great news; we are hosting a weekend of training, both Level I & II, at Barre Body Studio in Edmonton, Alberta this summer.

Sometimes the instructor bug isn't the only reason to take a training session. Level I is a foundation level training that is also geared to help you to take your own personal commitment to the next level. During day one you will learn the BBS method and how to turn that into a kick butt class either as an instructor or participant. Throughout the session we will also focus on form, anatomy, and how to increase your mind-body connection.All abilities and fitness levels are welcome.

Attend Barre Body Studio Level II instructor training and learn how to become a strong fitness leader by perfecting your teaching skills. Throughout day two we will discuss different teaching styles, what it takes to be an effective fitness leader, using music effectively in your classes, and how to properly cue, sequence and transition to ensure your flow from start to finish.

This two day course is for those wanting to take their knowledge of barre and their instructor skills to the next level. Whether you want to become a stronger instructor or you just want to start learning the basics, this is the training for you. NOTE: You may register separately for Level I, Level II or both dates.

Cue the music, put on the mic and start perfecting what you have learned.

July 26th and 27th, 2014

Barre Body Studio - Calgary
$495 for Level I and II
$325 for ONLY Level I (8 hours)
$195 for ONLY Level II (5 hours)

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We're Parkin' it in the Park!

A little birdy told us people have been looking for a few details about tomorrow's Barre in the Park event, so here they are, beauties! Just bring your mat, maybe your bestie and let's pack Victoria Park for a killer BBS sess. Can't wait to see all you shiny happy people—11 a.m. Be there! Xxo.

Barre in the Park 2

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Little Hippies Coming to BBS!

Calling all barre parents, we’ve got something great to tell you! Starting this Friday, June 13th BBS will be partnering with a fantastic Calgary-based organization called Little Hippies to offer your little guys and gals a taste of the yogi life. Every Friday at 3:30 (conveniently placed so that you can simultaneously hit the barre and get your burn on) kids ages three to six are welcome to sign up for a Little Hippies class of their own. We caught up with LH’s Director, Chloe Dusser, to get the full scoop on their kids yoga classes and why they are such a hot option this summer.

Starting at the beginning, who and what are Little Hippies?

Little Hippies is a Kids yoga company. We believe every child should have an opportunity to explore their creativity, express their unique personalities and discover the expanse of physical movement.

The Little Hippies Foundation sends certified & energetic yoga instructors to low-income schools, not-for-profit and charity organizations to teach free classes and spread the gift of yoga. The Foundation is largely supported by the Little Hippies company which offers classes to children of ALL abilities by partnering with yoga/fitness studios, schools and community organizations.

Our company Little Hippies is all about giving back. Our philosophy is "yoga for yoga," so for every yoga class purchased, we provide a free yoga class to a child in need.

Tell us a little bit about the children's yoga classes you will be offering at BBS:

We will be offering a class every Friday at 3:30, for ages three to six, with more times to be added in the coming weeks. This is the first class we will be offering in the Inglewood area, so we are excited about that. Every class is 'adventure' themed, so through adapted yoga poses we will travel and discover new continents and the animals that inhabit them! Breathing and meditation exercises are also incorporated into every class for all those calming and mind-focusing benefits. They are really fun classes for both the instructors and the kids.

What are the health and wellness benefits of yoga for children?

Yoga for children has the same benefits as yoga for adults, but when practiced at an early age it sets kids up with all those benefits and skills to use in the future. Children learn to focus and centre in—to control and direct their energy. They develop body awareness, flexibility and agility and they also get to practice and experiment with all sorts of cool postures.

Little Hippies pricing:

$15 per drop-in

$105 for 8 card pass

BEST VALUE: $70 for 8 card pass if a guardian is attending a BBS class at the same time

Namaste, barre beauties (and your future little hippies),