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How to Attack Your Snacks: What Your Favourite Barre-tenders are Eating

Hey barre-tender, hit me with another. Another healthy snack idea, that is!

When you are on a mission to make changes in your life—specifically in your body—it’s easy to get wrapped up in counting calories and start adapting a less-is-more approach to eating. The truth of the matter is, though, that your body needs to be fuelled properly to make the shifts you desire. It can be tough to plan out three well-balanced meals and a couple of snacks each day, we get that, so have put together a little inspiration for you. We surveyed our fantastic (and pretty frickin’ fit) barre instructors to find out what their top post-workout snacks are. Follow their leads and pop one of these powerhouse food combos into your gym bag to enjoy after class and you’ll be seeing the results you crave in no time.

“Toast with almond butter and honey or quinoa with a sliced avocado and squirt of lemon or lime. I also do a protein smoothie by blending a frozen banana,  blueberries, a fistful of spinach, flax seed, and a scoop of Vega One protein powder with either 1 cup water or almond milk.”~Adriana

“I love a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and sliced banana.” ~Emma   

“Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola with raisins!” ~Tara

“Celery sticks with almond butter or half an avocado, straight up.” ~Johanna

“An apple with a low-fat baby bell cheese. Yum!” ~Lindsay

“My go to, aside from dominating Fuel Bars, are a boiled egg and half a peanut butter sandwich, or an apple and personal-sized Greek yogurt.” ~Marlo

“My fave post-workout snack is a big ol' chug of H2O (w/ a pinch of salt) to replenish electrolytes, and apple slices with almond butter. I also do a mini ancient grain wrap filled with with hummus and spinach.” ~Jackie

“I like the thin brown rice cakes and natural peanut! Oooooor….candy and wine.”  ~Jill  The latter suggestion should wait until after the BBS 30-Day Challenge is complete, though ;)



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Up an Inch, Down an Inch: All-new Lower Monthly Membership Prices!

To celebrate our 1st anniversary, we are announcing all-new lower monthly membership prices!



(new!) rates

monthly unlimited (auto-renew monthly membership) $130
intro offer $55 for one month of barre (NEW clients only) $55
10 classes card pass $190
5 classes card pass $105
drop-in $23

sign up for Unlimited Barre Classes for $130 per month >

purchase class card passes at 2013 pricing until Feb 15, 2014 >


All intro offers are available for one time purchase and are for NEW clients ONLY or clients who have never purchased an intro offer in the past. Intro offers will activate upon first visit and are valid for one year from purchase date. Initial drop-in fees cannot be applied as a credit towards the purchase of our intro offer.
> Existing members may contact the front desk or calgary@barrebodystudio.com for more information on how to renew an existing auto-pay agreement
with new rates. Monthly auto-pay contract requires a minimum two (2) month commitment and 30 days written notice for all cancellations.
> Effective Feb 15, 2014 new rates for 5, 10 and single classes will apply. Clients may ‘stock up’ and purchase a maximum of two class packs, at the current rate, until Feb 15, 2014.
> Students and seniors (60+) are welcome to 10% off all monthly auto-renew contracts and class cards. Valid ID required.

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Watch Breakfast Television's workout at Barre Body Studio

Breakfast Television came to Barre Body Studio for a morning workout. Watch the video!


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HFF & BBS Getting Juiced About 2014

It’s the saying that populates fitspo Pinterest boards the world abroad: “abs are made in the kitchen.” And you know what? To an extent, it’s the truth. Unfortunately, we can’t out exercise bad nutrition. Sure, we all need (and deserve) a few indulgences from time to time, but if you really want to see the full potential of your body, the proper nutrient-dense nutrition plan is the way to get it done. Being honest, we probably had more than our fair share of treats during December. Cleaning up our systems is just what we need heading into the new year.

It was with this in mind that we decided adding a nutrition portion to this year’s 30-Day Challenge was so important. We couldn’t have found a better partner than Healthy Funky Foods to bring you the most vibrant, cleansing, juicing and culinary offerings to support us with the challenging goals we have all set for ourselves.

While you can of course design your own meal plan or juice cleanse to go along with your challenge, anyone who has ever tried to make enough juice to keep themselves satiated and feeling great for a few days will tell you it is quite the ordeal. Healthy Funky Foods is a hot local (they operate out of the Crossroads Market) option to take that burden off your shoulders during the challenge.

Owner Rayna Young will be holding two info sessions about the challenge exclusive offerings, including the special 3 Day Liver Detox Juice program and the 7 Day Juice Cleanse she designed specifically for BBS, on January 11 at 12:30 p.m. and January 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the studio, please come by and have all your questions about juice cleansing and a raw food diet answered by the expert.  

Rayna will be offering a special 10% discount for Barre Body Studio Challenge clients off the Happy Funky Food Program of their choice, as well as $25 the price of her Raw Chef Introductory Course (running Thursday, January 30th). Feel free to checkout her website, healthyfunkyfoods.com, to explore all the different available options.

While we are kicking off the physical part of our goal setting challenge on the 15th, the Happy Funky Food orders will be available for pickup on Sunday, January 19th, giving us all a few days to get the successes flowing and then hitting our bods with the delicious nutrition it needs to take this challenge (and changes) to the next level. You can register with Rayna online or in person at the market—or better still, come to one of the info sessions we’re holding this weekend to get the whole scoop.

Hope you are getting as excited as we are to make 2014 a year of great changes! See you soon, xxo.