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30-Day Barre Body Studio Challenge

30-Day Barre Body Studio Challenge

At Barre Body Studio if we had to decide between two options; the easy road vs. the stairs, we would choose the stairs without hesitation. Challenges in life provide opportunities to grow as a person and results in a priceless sense of accomplishment. It feels good to tackle a challenge with confidence; it feels great to show the challenge whose boss and to be surprised by your own strength.

In celebration of personal strength, we invite you to take the 30-day Barre Body Studio challenge with us. The 30-day Barre Body Studio challenge is your chance to fall back into fitness and to be a part of an interactive and engaged community who are determined to make positive changes.

The 30-day challenge will commence October 1st. Join the challenge by using your current monthly auto-renew membership (no extra cost for monthly members just email us to add your name calgary@barrebodystudio.com)  or take advantage of our 30-day One Month pass special promo (valid Oct 1 – Oct 30th):

It’s time to get serious. Sign up before Sunday, September 29th and get a FREE Barre Body Studio Tank along with three guest classes to get your friends barre’d or (if you don’t feel like sharing) save the class passes for yourself.

The rewards of a fit and healthy life transcend into other aspect of our lives. Through fitness you will discover increased energy and confidence. We dare you to commit to the 30-day Barre Body Studio Challenge. We dare you to set new goals and to push your boundaries. We believe you will succeed and we look forward to celebrating your success with you. We truly believe that you can enrich your life through fitness.

(And, just to keep it interesting we have a great assortment of goodies to give away to the 30-day challengers.)


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Barre Body Fit with Wrist Weights


Fall is a season synonymous with new beginnings. At Barre Body Studio we believe that autumn is the perfect season to re-commit to your fitness and health routine.  At BBS we are constantly working on new ways (and moves) to keep our classes fresh and our bodies challenged. 


This fall we are excited to slowly introduce wrist weights into our Barre Body Fit class routines (on a class by class basis). We have chosen to incorporate wrist weights into our classes because we love how effective wrist weights are for increasing the resistance and intensity of any given exercise. The science behind wrist weights fits with our vision.


In a typical BBS class calories are burnt based on:

  • The resistance of an exercise
  • The duration of an exercise
  • The intensity of an exercise


The added weight of wearing wrist weights increases the resistance challenge of an exercise; the added challenge forces the body to work harder. As a result wrist weights help the body to build more lean muscle mass, which also revs up our bodies to burn more calories. We believe that Barre Body with wrist weights is an effective way to increase the intensity of our classes. We love Barre Body with wrist weights and are confident that you will too!


(Remember: Muscle strength equates to a faster metabolism which means that you will burn more calories per working out).


Wrist weights are available for sale at the BBS Boutique. If you would like to purchase your own pair stop by the studio ($30/pair with 1/2lb weight per cuff).