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Why the Banana Pudding is My Body Shaking like Jell-O?


In a typical Barre Body Studio class, it is completely normal for your legs, arms and entire body to shake like Jell-O Jigglers. The shake is completely normal and is a sign that your body is working HARD. The Jell-O like body shaking is a result of your muscles responding to the increased workload; one that our body is both unfamiliar and unaccustomed to. At Barre Studio our focus is on strengthening the accessory muscles that encourage the entire body to enter into a working state. We want you to define, lift and sculpt your way through class.
Whats up with the shakes?
The shaking in your body is caused by your muscles grabbing and releasing as they extend and contract (Fitsugar 2008). As you become a regular Barre Body Studio patron you will notice an increase in strength and stamina. As your strength builds the shakes will settle and your muscles will begin to move with more grace.
At Barre Body Studio, WE LOVE THE SHAKE! When the shakes settle our Barretender trick is to push a little bit harder and to go a little bit deeper using that mind body connection that we talk so much about. Dial up your workout and make your body work. In fitness (as in life) success happens when you work outside of your comfort zone.


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GO WITH THE FLOW: Maximize Your Potential in a Busy World





with Dr. Karen Quinn


Sunday, June 2nd from 12 pm to 1 pm



Discover the factor that plays a vital role in energy levels, weight management and aging! Dr. Karen Quinn is a Chiropractor at Natural Way Chiropractic and has a degree in both exercise and health physiology. She is passionate about inspiring others to embrace natural healthy living. Register online, by calling 403-720-6635, or email us at calgary@barrebodystudio.com  


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RE-Create Yourself Through Recreation

 Re Create


Recreation is such an incredibly important aspect of health and all-round balance. It is no coincidence that if we really look at the word itself, it literally states “re-creation”. Embracing activity, fun, adventure and challenge on a daily basis truly re-creates your future. If your life were a blank canvas, what would you paint if you could? Are your current habits leading you closer or further away from this vision? Take some time for yourself to sit down, and really think about what it is you want for your life...your health. How can you include more recreation into your day? Finding activities you enjoy and have fun with is important, but so is finding something that will actually push your boundaries, stretch you (both mentally and physically), and bring results. Group- centered activities deliver an important social connection for people while creating a valuable level of accountability. Find the joy in fitness and recreation and truly see it as an essential nutrient your body requires every day. 

Dr. Karen Quinn is a Chiropractor at Natural Way Chiropractic and also has a Degree in Exercise and Health Physiology. She is passionate about inspiring others to embrace natural healthy living.

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The Manly Benefits of Barre

We came across this wonderful article from the Empower Network that promotes the benefits of barre for men. Yes! Barre can be manly.

The Barre: Raising the Bar for Men

By Brandon Jones for the Empower Network



Barre classes for men? Seriously? Well, yes. Why not!

There is a misconception that barre workouts are strictly for women who wanted to have tight abdomens and well sculpted bodies. Most men would scoff at the thought of being in a studio surrounded by mirrors, classical music playing in the background exercising in spandex tights. This is being dispelled, however, by those who are simply raving on the benefits of the barre workout. Not just because of the hot women, lean and fit grasping the rails but on its benefits for men as well.

Body awareness is the rave today – the muscle building, tone, sleek figures.  It doesn’t matter if this accomplished in the track or gym as long as it does its work. The barre workout gives men several advantages. One of which is greater flexibility without the risk of injury. Most exercises or workouts offered to the men are for the tightening of shoulders, backs, hips and legs. However, these exercises do little to building core strength. Often this would lead to reduced range of motion and flexibility of the peripherals.

What most may not be aware of is that barre classes for men as well improve their strength. Exercises using your body weight as resistance create that perfect development of little intricate muscles. The intense attention given to those muscles also results to better coordination. This is a plus for men who enjoy playing golf or are trying to improve their tennis swing.

A barre workout is targeting small isometric routines that exercise the muscles to the point of exhaustion and then to stretch it to gain more flexibility. The workout is a fusion of the basic elements of dance, weights, yoga and Pilates. There are also equipments used for this fitness program. There is the rail, a rubber ball, light hand weights, stretching straps, but these may vary from one studio to another.

Barre classes for men drills in building dense muscle mass. This, in turn, speeds metabolic rate and will translate to faster burning of food. A typical barre class session would burn about 400 calories. You have been transformed into a fat burning engine. It also develops muscles you didn’t know existed!  When you have more muscle, then fat is burned faster even if you are inactive. It is worth mentioning that as this is low impact exercise, barre classes for men also help those with arthritis and rheumatism. The program can be modified to suit your needs as well.

You guys get your perfect golf swing with barre fitness!

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater


"Cheater cheater pumpkin eater."


Interesting how childhood phrases and songs are ingrained in our brains after all of these years. We find this in our muscles and physical body as well. The longer we have repeated a pattern- good or bad- the more entrenched this pattern becomes. This is why sitting for long periods of time at a computer or in front of the tv, is creating a population with predictable postural distortions and muscular imbalance. Daily, we are training groups of muscle to be weaker and opposing tissues to be tighter. This affects our biomechanics not only standing still, but in running, walking, bending...the list goes on. Our bodies will resort to the patterns that require the least amount of energy. In a perfectly aligned and balanced body, muscles are recruited properly and efficiently. When imbalance exists, it will recruit the strongest muscle groups, essentially re-inforcing the current imbalance and allowing you to “cheat”. Squats and plie’s for instance end up using more quads (thigh muscles) and less glutes (buttocks), negating the strengthening component if we aren’t careful. Not sure if this is happening? Simply concentrating on the muscle group you wish to recruit can increase the likelihood of this happening. Pay attention to where you are feeling “the burn”, listen to the cues of your instructor or trainer (when possible) and in some cases it may be valuable to have a professional postural assessment done, so that you can discover patterns and imbalances that you may not even be aware of.

Dr. Karen Quinn is a Chiropractor at Natural Way Chiropractic and also has a Degree in Exercise and Health Physiology. She is passionate about inspiring others to embrace natural healthy living.