BBS Pulse is an innovative new software that will elevate your barre practice by tracking your performance and heart rate data. By wearing a chest strap during class your performance is tracked in real-time. You’ll gain a complete and comprehensive insight into your individual heart rate performance and calories burned during barre class. 

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How Does It Work?

First of all, you can enter your age and weight into your online profile. This will ensure your results are as accurate as possible. Your maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. For example, if you are 40 years old your maximum heart rate is set at 180 in BBS Pulse. By wearing a chest strap, BBS Pulse tracks and displays your heart rate during class. An end of workout email tells you average and max heart rate, calories burned and your class rank. It’s important to note that a 140lb female will never be able to rank higher than a 170lb male, for example, because of the weight to output ratio.

Heart Rate Zones

What do all the colours mean? What zone should I strive to be in? Good questions!

You're wearing your chest strap, you've chosen to be displayed on the screen and you see your tile flashing teal at you. What does that mean? To understand what each of the zones means, take a peek at our Heart Rate Chart. Basically, your resting heart rate is the green zone and your max heart rate is the pink zone. Ideally, you want to be working in the teal and dark grey zones for the majority of class. 

Try to spend 30% of class in the teal zone, 40% of class in the dark grey zone, 8% in pink, 8% in green and 12% in light grey. The more dynamic your workout, the greater your calorie burn can be. Alternating between zones delivers greater burn overall and keeps your body burning calories at a higher rate throughout the day.

What Are The Benefits?

Using a heart rate monitor is the best way to keep yourself honest and accountable to YOU. One of biggest benefits of heart rate training is to develop a sense for what different levels of intensity feel like. We all can benefit and improve our practice by learning what recovery feels like between aerobic zones and max effort. 

BBS Pulse is a great goal-setting tool, whether your goal is to lose 5lbs or to "tone up". Once you see which zones you are spending the majority of class in, you can adjust your workouts accordingly. If you're spending too much time in the green and light grey zones, you know you need to push yourself harder. Alternatively, if you spend too much time in the pink zone, you know you can pull back at times to bring your heart rate down and stay in the dark grey zone for longer.

Another benefit of BBS Pulse is that it measures your recovery time. Following a cardio burst, watch how quickly your heart rate falls or, how long it takes to move back into the dark grey zone. This is an indication of how efficiently your heart recovers from exercise and your fitness level. The faster the recovery time, the better you will be able to manage your tempo during cardio bursts and the more fit you are becoming. 

A Few Final Details

BBS Pulse is completely optional and you have the choice as to whether you want your name and results to appear on the screen. There is no additional cost to use BBS Pulse, however, you do need to have a chest strap. We sell them for $68 + gst in-studio. You can use a chest strap of your own, only if it uses ANT+ technology. Not sure if you want to purchase a chest strap right away? No problem! We have a small selection of loaners available at each studio.