This is Us


At BBS we’re all about:

tough love


To encourage self-resilience out of compassion.

We meet at the barre, stepping up together, finding strength in numbers and in ourselves. We’re better together, better each time we show up - again and again.

Your practice makes you stronger, your body transforms. Building physical proof of what’s possible when you try.

When you invest your time and energy in a class you see guaranteed results. Our highly trained staff take you through a challenging workout. It’s not easy. It’s all kinds of rewarding.

We stay open to change, evolution, growth. Pushing hard to bring new events and programming to life in our two studio locations open every day of the week.

We support one another in strength, encouragement, mind, body, and spirit. We are not cliquey, sceney, or too cool. You are welcome here. Come as you are.

See you at the barre.